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Thread: Depression....

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    Does anyone have any helpfull advice on it? Because ive been feeling so down eversince middle school, i havent gone to a doctor for it it cuz im to scared my parents will reject me or sumthin, and im at the point where living is painfull that i just dont want to anymore. So has anyone gone through depression or have any helpfull advice on how to deal with it? The best i can do is either smoke ciggarettes or sleep it off, and i do alot of both now.

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    Re: Depression....

    This seems a little too personal for the forums, plus it really isn't going to be good for discussions. This sort of stuff should be left to pms or blogs.

    So, I'll close this.

    The rule:
    Please use the Journals for information of personal nature. The forums should only be used for discussions.
    Attitude of AO MODS, according to beast
    Because they have obtained that level they are arrogant. You have to kep in mind when you talk about these guys they are kind of dorks who probably didn't excel at much and this is their only outlet to flex their muscles. Their egos would suffer no less so the the forum suffers some more. Watch one way or another they will probably repond to this post with a threat. But there are better forums out there. Private messege Zev.

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