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Thread: Desensitization

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    Human suffering is rising at an alarming rate, but most of the world's populous seems to give it a cold shoulder.

    Global warming is making it harder and harder for the animals of the arctic to survive, but most people turn the other cheek.

    I am here to ask you:

    Are we as a human race becoming too desensitized to the problems in our world?
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    Re: Desensitization

    I honestly think desensitizing is the nature of the beast. Who or what caused the issues we deal with like the ones you stated above, is debatable. What isn't AS debatable is that suffering seems to be on the rise. Since it is humanity's suffering, you'd think we'd put an end to it if we could. Point being, I think many people just feel like suffering is beyond our control. So, what good is being sensitive to it? Sensitivity makes things more difficult if you ask me. Thats why I wanna be a femmebot.

    On the other hand... Being cold goes against human nature as well. Humans take such pride in being creatures of feeling. To be humane is to be tender, compassionate and sympathetic. Its like the more we live, the more we suffer. The more we suffer the farther we drift away from the very humanity we're trying to protect and defend (n a weird way), when we numb ourselves.
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    Re: Desensitization

    Femmebot? The correct terminology is gynoid, but whatever.

    On topic:
    There is only one way to end human suffering and that is to wipe out the human race completely. In death, there is no more suffering. There is no more cancer. There is no more anguish. There is no more pain. There is absolutely nothing and in that nothingness, there is true peace. Well, that is if my belief in the afterlife is true in that there is no afterlife. Har har har.

    The problem with the world is that human beings tend to worry only about themselves and themselves only. We are greedy antisocial individuals that try too hard to be part of the pack, but in the end, they become disconnected and isolated in their own excrement. The "it doesn't affect me" mentality is shared by most people. A tragedy that is closer to home always enlightens people and creates some form of empathy, but in the end, everyone always goes back to their shells.

    Is the world too desensitized? I personally think that it isn't even close to even achieving that state of purity. The world though has gained disconnection in unison to being connected artificially. There are more internet cables, phone lines, and WiFi signals than there are human bonds.
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