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Thread: dictators' fate :p

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    dictators' fate :p

    hey guys, we all (or maybe just most of us :P) know about what's going on or gone on the middle east; wars, people fighting to throw their rulers & whatever, in Egypt for example the Egyptians throw their president, now they're investigating w/him about corruption & other law suits & blah blah, at the past few days I heard that the Egyptian president asks the forgiveness of his people, do U think dectators like him should be forgived? do U think that rulers like him, Ghaddafi & whoever should be forgived for what they've done? & btw do U think that Ghaddafi's going to leave Libya? do you blah blah blah ...till the end?
    what do U think guys?
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    Re: dictators' fate :p

    he actualli asked for forgiveness ? o_O wow . it matters on what they have done i guess . if the dictator has abused his power for very long , then no , give them no mercy!!!!! . but i guess to err is human and to forgive divine ,..... only if the crime was small . I dont think a long ruling tyrant should be forgiven , cause you never know , when they might go back to their raw10 ways. afterall , a leopard cant change its spots

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