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Thread: Do you learn anything?

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    Re: Do you learn anything?

    I learned stuff up until the 8th grade. Then things seem to really repeat themselves. I've learned new stuff in math and science since, but nothing really in anything else. I think it just gets pointless after a point for some people. Schools is so boring anyway. ^_^

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    Re: Do you learn anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by Exoparadapsyphobia View Post
    Schools are there so that we can learn, but do you really learn anything from them? Most students simply try to cram five pages of information in their brains before a test and then completely forget it afterwards, that's why schools normally spend half the year just reviewing what you "learned" the year the before (my school does it, don't know about the rest).

    So far, I haven't really remembered anything that I saw in school, that might just be my short term memory loss kicking in though. But it seems to me that no one else really learns anything either. So far the only thing I remember how to do from school is wield, draw, write, spell and fill out checks. The most prominent of my skills being in writing and spelling, I don't remember any math, history, or science except the basics that you learn in 8-9 grade (I know allot of history, but I didn't learn it in school). Not even what we were doing last week . And I see this happening with allot of other people too. I've learned far more watching the History Channel, Discovery Channel, books and movies out of school than I have in school, which I find very odd.

    So do you really learn anything in school? Not the population in general, but you specificaly. And if you don't learn in school where do you get most of your knowledge from?
    I feel like I learned a great deal in school. Perhaps it was just because I wanted to learn. I will never forget the Pythagorean theorem nor the quadratic formula; I can recognize iambic pentametre a mile away; I know all 206 bones in the human body. In other words, you take away what you want from school. I will never remember the difference between parabolas and hyperbolas; I will never remember the entire table of elements . . . it's all a matter of what you like, what you want to remember.

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    Re: Do you learn anything?

    Well i dont no what my schools doing sicnes its 7th to 12 grades I think they are having a hard time just to do there work and teach use drivers ed class or reading compleatly i just sit there and just day dream all day if u think im not getting good grades then y do i have a 80 in reading, math, and even langeriges reats. my school is the bomb to they got a snack stand and a line for pizza and just the food that schools give out ramdomly. thats my que

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    Lightbulb Re: Do you learn anything?

    It depends 50% on the student and the pther 50% on the teacher. Explanation: the metodology of teaching can be so boring that the student losses interest on the class, therefore the student puts no effort in really learning. The "study" become just an interest just to "pass" the class but not paying attention if "I am learning" because the class is so boring that there is no motivation for learning.
    On the other hand, if the student just does not want to learn -just because he/she does not have interest itself- the methodology of the teacher can be the best and the student can be yet not learning.
    It depends as I said in how the professor teaches the class and how interested the student really is to learn.
    As in my case, i have had professors whose teachings remain in my memory and I still apply the information to my life. Nevertheless, I also have had professors whose teachings I really don't remember and I really do not care.
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