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Thread: Do you support the President of the USA?

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    Re: Do you support the President of the USA?

    They knew about Osama LONG before the 9/11 disasters. As I recall, Ollie North said something about what a threat he was during the Contra hearings.
    Afraid not. North himself recently stated on Hannity and Colmes that it was not Bin Laudin that was the therat but another dangerous terrorists. It's been an 'urban legend' since 9/11 that it was Bin Laudin North was talking about. Mind you, everything that North said about Terrorists was and still is true...it's just not Bin Laudin that North named at that time.

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    Re: Do you support the President of the USA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Mage View Post
    That's jus' it, man, there wasn' really anythin' that any1 could do 'til Osama made a move. Clinton, let alone Bush, could also shoulder the blame in that instance if u wanna look at it from ur perspective; but I don' blame either one of them. There was only so much that they could do 'til Osama made a move and u could blame the entire world for that. We're apart of a world community and if we made a move on Osama w/o any consent from the world community would have turned said community against us.

    And the entire U.S. went inta this war with unrealistic expectations, not jus' our leaders. Wars r long and drawn out affairs and many ppl in the U.S. arrogantly thought that it was gonna b a short, sweet affair where there were, almost, no loss of life and the guilty would b punished. And when reality set in, many started complainin'.

    And I think that u got the wrong impression of what I was tryin' ta say 'bout the "gripin'." I meant no insult or anythin' personal, I was jus' sayin' that the president can' get elected ta a third term. He's on his way out, so I feel that the complainin' is a moot point 'cause we won' haveta put up wit him much longer. His policies will b dead the moment he leaves office, so ta speak, and then he'll fade from our memories as the new president takes office. I not sayin' that ppl don' have a right ta complain, if they wanna; they r perfectly within their rights ta do so. I'm jus' sayin' that complainin' 'bout him now and demandin' that he b impeached, when he's about ta leave office, is a little redundant 'cause, very soon, he's no longer gonna b our president.

    And I'm not gonna hold it against u jus' 'cause we have a difference of opinion. "Agree ta disagree" is one of my personal mottos and jus' 'cause we have a difference of opinions doesn' mean that I think any less of u. It's one of the principals that our country was founded on, so ur completely entitled ta ur opinion and as long as u respect my opinion; I'll respect urs. I'm not gonna, pettily, hold a grudge over a simple difference of opinions.
    Cool, cause I've never been one for tennis. Gets kinda' repetitive after awhile.

    And hey I've never had a problem with your opinion. If we all had the same opinion... Whew! talk about boring. I think it's good that people can agree on the big picture; which in this case is the fact that King George Bush sucks; and yet disagree on the smaller points; which is how things rolled out. And yet we can still step back, say peace at the end of it all, and mean it.

    Anyway it was President Adams who really started scr_wing things up. He's the one who started the whole take the power out of the people handsthing. Lord knows most of the people in America then couldn't read or even sign their name, but he should have had faith the people. It's pretty much snowballed since then, and you see where we are now.

    Oh well, let's just hope the next idiot in office can do a better job on all fronts. Thanks for the dialog, it's been kinda' fun... crazy, but fun.

    Take it easy, hope to do a little friendly fencing with you again sometime.

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    Re: Do you support the President of the USA?

    With Bushy? Hmm... i dont like that guy... i hope someone kills him he is making my religion's name bad... -.- grr... and making hell all over Iraq and killing his own men... ~.~

    I don't agree with him ^^ Things should be resolved without force...

    Hmmm did he ever do anything about Israel?

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