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Thread: Does god exist?

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    Re: Does god exist?

    Quote Originally Posted by OfeliasFire View Post
    Thats would be nice to believe, and I have read the bible...I have one on my book shelf. Anyway, how do you kno god is there. Every time I prayed I felt nothing. I still feel nothing. So tell me how do you know he is there?
    I can feel it when God is still with me. You cannot feel him because he is talking to you in your prayers. He can see what people are doing even me.

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    Re: Does god exist?

    This is directed only at OfeliasFire, if you find it problematic in any way, I'm not sure how it concerns you unless you're OfeliasFire.

    -_- As many people are taught, God is a creation of man.
    But what I truly find it: gods are a creation of man. Deities are a creation of man. Anything higher than them are created by man.

    So how do you know God exists?

    If you wipe all the mud away from the window, you can go have a true faith yourself.

    Often times, humans create things to handle stress... someone else to blame, someone else to worship... etc etc...

    May I just say this? Don't depend your entire life on the Book, depend on the Word.
    The Book (Bible) has been changed so many times and reverted back and forth with chapters being taken out and new ones being placed in all to "conserve" and "protect" the church (building) and not the Church (people).

    Don't depend on something that man has edited.
    Don't depend on life with the philosophies of men who have extracted life in order to analyze it... see life for what it is in your eyes, and in what every other creature's eyes see. We humans tend to overthink and cloud what is truly there with our lies and assumptions... calm down and see what all the creatures see right in front of them.

    If you believe in God, or try to deny it... the idea that God is still in your head is a small fact that something is out there.
    Just like the idea that not all cultures could have imagined up dragons if they weren't real (they were just giant lizards and dinosaurs... maybe magic did exist in some of them, we can't know that because it doesn't concern us), we couldn't all have just imagined higher beings to rule over us or watching over us... no matter how little miracles there may be, a person can be convinced something is out there if you peel away all their barriers and leave them vulnerable...

    So... if you want to believe in God, go right ahead. If you want to believe in the Bible, go right ahead. It's a right.
    However... don't believe who God is from others. Who is God to you, or rather, who is God to all things? You'll find the answers even from pagans and atheists.
    And also... don't believe in the Bible word by word. Honestly, it can't be as trusted as everyone says. People just cling onto it because they've based their entire lives upon it, and changing it would be catastrophic. ...but one thing is clear, God's Word is what was told for people to believe not specifically the Bible! ...God's Word isn't some simple text, it's Life itself.
    This entire life and beyond it with death included is God's Word.
    Not fate, no strings, nothing... creation itself and existance and death... all the answers within and around you can very well be God's Word, if that is what you are willing to accept.

    Don't keep your eyes closed to anything. Even one closed eye can hide the entire truth from you.
    If you've been in several religions, then you'll know a basis amongst them, maybe that's one part of the answer you're looking for.

    Never try to break things apart and claim you know what it is as a whole.. see it for what it is.
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    Re: Does god exist?

    Ok lets see where AO stands at the time of my post:
    26 Votes or 63% - Yes
    5 Votes or 12% - No
    10 Votes or 24% - IDK

    Clearly a lot of believers in "god" here but with so many religions out there I doubt there would be such clarity in what/who everyone considered "god". Personally I am a very strong and devout believer in the Jeduo/Christian concept of an all powerful being which formed all things.

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    Re: Does god exist?

    I dont have one relegion that I can call my own I just took them all and molded them together They have differnt views that I can realate to some of them have the same same views as otheres. all that I know is that there is only one god and who ever he or she might be noone knows.

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    Re: Does god exist?

    I do believe that there is a god because there has 2 be some spirit/force that protects us from harm. Sometimes there are things that turn out good when I feel that it should have turned out completely different. I'm not a very religious person but I do open the Bible once in a while to keep up w/ church discussions.

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    Re: Does god exist?

    yes definetely there is God. The only and unique. I know that by experience, He has changed my life in so many ways! He changed my heart, my thoughts and my lifestyle. Since He is my everything (for real) even in the bad situations I can say Praise the Lord! He is my strenght when I am weak...
    The real problem is (it think) that some christians give the idea that being christians is to have 'perfect lifes'... well... it is not... one suffers and one suffers a lot... one struggles and really bad, however in all the situations He is there giving strenght when itis needed to keep walking through the struggles....... He does not solve the problem for you.... He walks with you through the struggles guiding your way out.
    That's my experience, and I will firmly say everytime and everyday God is real, He saves and He is alive.
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: Does god exist?

    I do not know for sure if god really exists because my religion is because i have none i do not know on whom i am and most of all i do not believe there might be a greater theory on dear god himslef i thought people are the god other then Jesus/Christ himself the reason i said this was because i have been riden myself to bad people when i was a child never been met in the real world only the darkest one of all.

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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    Re: Does god exist?

    Quote Originally Posted by OfeliasFire View Post
    I am just really sick of everyone being all like
    " You have to be a christian to be a good person."
    I also hate it when people try and shove religion down my throat.
    Like the person above me said. If there is a god and he wants us to beleive in him then why does he let little kids be born with cancer when he is supposed to be so merciful. Can someone answer me that?
    people do not have the power to force someone to take a religion, no matter the religion it is.

    i was post about to replay.. but it seem that i'm fail to post it. maybe because the lack of my self [i do not realize that i closed the window that send the replay.. to many window, may be.]


    i do believe on the existence of God.

    world contains a complex thing, by means that every single time it has many factors and can make many probability. we, human, cannot control all of those factor. the only one can do it is God. every single thing on this world, even it is just an event in the very short moment, has the reason to occurs in this world.
    a kid has cancer since he/she born. this evidence may also has a reason to make this happen. I want to said that we shall think positive first, especially about God. you, me, us are here for a reason. we life here for a reason. then the kid who has cancer since he/she born also has reason, both why he/she alive and why he/she had cancer. i cannot judge why it occurs, since i, my self, is not the God. also i do not know the situation on the evidence (the situation around the certain kid). but if i take a probability, may be because of the cancer the kid and family can live to the fullest (in the term of positive). may be because of that sickness, the certain kid has people who care on him/her, maybe parent, family, or others.

    But what about the people like me who already understand. I understood that way before anything bad ever happened to me?
    i know it is hard to face it. but, even we know about it.. can we replace the evidence and fulfill the reason it happen? i want to said to you that people get difficulties because certain reason. afterall, those happen is for our own sake. in the case of the certain kid, all of it is for him/her sake. physics has its discapablity. it is not infinite. but the heart is the one which makes some one appereance. how bad the physics is, or how beautiful the physics is do not let heart become bad and "ugly". i think every people can have a magnificant/beautiful heart.

    all happen for the best thing/for our own sake. God do not create a life for a waste. God is far more wise than me, than other living things/things on this world. it does not make sense that God make something for a waste. and it does not make sense God create something to play.

    if you know someone who is the most wise person than all, God is far more wise than the certain person. all we have, God also have. we have care, God have higher care level than us, etc.

    i hope this can satisfy you. and i hope you read this even it is a long one [haha.. sometime i do not really like to read something long especially because i'm busy (did i?). anyway, i make this as compact as i can for now. sorry if this is too long].

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