Given our ever increasing national debt (no way connected with our trade deficit, mind you), as well as those of other nations, what should the U.S. do to slowly eliminate it's capital debt, and if possible, become more attractive for foreign borrowing?

Clearly, based on the Treasury Yield Curve, the increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve have led us almost to a recession (the Treasury Yield Curve is almost inverted). The Fed has been trying to increase the value of the dollar with it's federal funds rate and discount rate hikes, but this ends up stalling economic growth, as American made products become more expensive compared to foreign imports.

While the trade deficit is not directly connected to the national debt, those nations which purchase bonds from other nations and receive a majority of their government funding from loans purchase their goods from foreign nations, as their own products are more expensive.

The solution, at least for a few professors and those students who agree with them (the evidence, in my case, leads me to side with them rather than the traditional "increase the value of the dollar" approach) is to keep the value of the dollar low compared to foreign currencies, making our exports more appealing to Americans than imports. This would help with those who want to buy American made goods. Also, foreign consumers would purchase more American goods, giving our economy a greater source of income not reliant on debt.

I'd like to hear the opinions of others on this forum with an interest in economics, as how they would put the economy on the right track.