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Thread: Election 08

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    Re: Election 08

    1. Who do you want to be in the White House next January?

    2. Who do you think will be in it?

    As for number one I am torn. I really like Ron Paul in the fact that he wants to undo a lot of crap like homeland security, the fed, etc. I think that overall a clean up of un-needed policys and such that we have is totally needed for our country to succeed. I also like him because he is one of the few people against the "true id" system this election.

    I also like Obama... This one is harder to explain because there are few specific examples of why I like him... It's more just something about him. When I listen to him speak though I might not agree with everything he says there is something "trustworthy" about him (as far as you can trust politicans at least). I also think that as time goes it's going to Clinton or Obama one way or another, so I started looking at them more for who I would like and he's it. He was never my first choice but I could live with him.

    Question two as to who do I think will get it, Clinton or Obama. No matter who the GOP person is it won't matter, America as is can not get over what Bush did to elect one to office (I think).

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    Re: Election 08

    i WANT with all my heart to see Mike huckabee in the white house this election (not likely)

    I amd, however PRAYING that hillary wins te dem nomination so that wohever we republicans nominate has a free ride to the white house

    thanks to zyta for the sick sig and avy!

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