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Thread: Emotions?

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    Re: Emotions?

    i'm one of those who control their emotions, i don't want other people to see through me..

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    Re: Emotions?

    I guess I’ll follow the trend. Im dreadfully good at hiding what I feel sometimes. But as a woman(and I hope I don’t sound sexist against my own sex) I have a muuuuuccchhh harder time concealing when I’m border line sad and ticked off. Its like a sickness!

    But I guess it goes for nearly anyone. Emotions arent just conveyed thru what you tell. Its shown thru the way you speak, move, and react.

    Any other emotion Im really good at hiding. I think anyone, like me, gets irritated when someone comes along and swears to god they can ready you like a “My first Dictionary”. I have this double emotion thing that I practice with. One is A Rowena that’s meant to be read like a book and one that’s plotting to take over the world… or just steal ur cookies.

    I agree with Sprout. I mean we cant hide all our emotions all the time from everyone. There’s gonna be someone who genuinely reads you. But not like a “My first dictionary” but more like a “Webster’s University Dictionary”

    I guess to properly answer ur question: I have a very good grip on my emotions. I don’t fly off the handle and start going nuts(all the time). I prefer being around people who have a good grip on how they feel but can show a little life every now and then and not sit there like the Terminator. At the same time I really cant stand people who have no emotional restraint. People who act like its death if they calm down.
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    Re: Emotions?

    I'm notorious for wall building. It's what I've been doing since I was six. I'm actively working on expressing my emotions a bit better. Art usually helps me but if I don't share it with others, it becomes another brick in the wall (to quote Pink Floyd). I used to snap on people because one tiny little thing that bothered me would be what broke the damn and let my emotions flood out. Now, it's a bit different. I either tell you how I feel or, I just wait until there's an opportunity to tell you without causing a scene. The latter usually doesn't happen until it's much too late or never at all. But, I feel like I'm better at controlling how I deal with my emotions. Not controlling the emotions themselves.

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    Re: Emotions?

    When I'm with Abu, I control my emotions - almost completely logically.
    Even things that get to my nerves (things that anger me or sadden me) are thoroughly checked and studied before I decide to do the right thing or act on emotion.

    I balance it this way (in its simplified form): C = B. If U>B, then not C.
    C is controlling emotions.
    B is better outcome.
    U is unfair treatment.
    Example: If someone says something insulting over something that I love, I'll still most likely control my emotions to push towards a more reasonable reaction from the other - or I say something to humor them and rid of the tension. However, if (this is extremely simplified compared to how I actually balance this part) another takes advantage of my reasonable/humorous tactic - my "Unbalance Meter" starts twitching, as they're obviously not trying to be reasonable. Usually after three strikes (which vary greatly), I decide that I'm being treated completely Unfairly, and decide to use my emotions to retaliate (and I can say some pretty hurtful things if I know a person enough).

    However, I ensure that my emotions never control my physical actions... as those can have horrible results (it always has for me). I keep emotions on the social standard.

    HOWEVER: When I'm not with Abu for a long period of time (staying late at night while she sleeps early counts), my emotions tend to take over me.
    Some part of me moves aside when this happens (being away from Abu): My logical side just hangs up the towel and allows my emotions to run rampant.
    I suppose it's my separation-depression that allows that, but I find it rather strange that my logical side would give up so easily. It's usually stern, but the instant she's gone for a good amount of time: It just gives up. ._.

    I suppose it's because I built that logical side of myself to protect Abu. A sort of "duty" reaction.
    Without her to protect, I revert back to my old self... which is completely emotional, irrational, and easily excitable.

    As a test, I listened to an old song that I loved... thrice with Abu, thrice without. When with, I react nostalgically and talk about old memories in a logical manner. When without, I react in a depressing manner and start creating something through art (poetry, drawing, music, etc.).

    So... yeah. It's completely dependent on Abu. I'm normally an emotional guy without her. But I suppose it's because she's normally emotional herself that I felt like I had to balance her.

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    Re: Emotions?

    My conscious brain looks for what it wants... my animal brain is emotional for the fight or flight response can detect danger. Emotions are nature's way of protecting us when we need extra might and energy. I go with my emotions when I am afraid or threatened when the brain detects danger. Emotions make one do things with more strength and speed since the body needs extra protection against attackers and other threats. Fear, apprehension, fighting are all motions emoted for survival.

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    Re: Emotions?

    I control most of my emotions ...like the tyms when a room full of ppl flood with tears and Ill just have a wet eye.lol I like bottling it all up inside coz its better that way .but when it come to anger i can only control it upto a limit ...after that I go mad with anger and my eyes go red .It just feels good to be angry sometimes and this inner voice will be lke yes ...release more anger ..lol =p

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    Re: Emotions?

    because of many things i went through most of them connected to death "for a while i acted like a zombie" (thats a quote from some of my best friends ) so I try to control my emotions and take the mental high road but i find that its not a very happy road, people resent it when you cant cry at a loved ones death or a disaster and when you just shrug off anything and keep moving...(for me this was not a choice Im a bleeding heart and id have gone nuts if i hadnt done so)
    Recently i realized this was worse and decided to show a facade of stability and Happiness no matter if im happy or not this has helped and i think i know what my answer should have been......Instead of allowing my emotions to contol me i control my emotions to such a degree that I Change them to fit my needs this way they serve a purpose and they help me toward my goals instead of hindering them
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    Re: Emotions?

    I can control my emotions very well. I can be very stoic. But that doesn't take away my passion.
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