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Thread: Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide

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    That's if you believe in god in the first place.....

    back on topic.
    If it was someone I loved, I would want them to fight but then again, it's horrible to watch some one suffer..maybe it's should be left to the persons choice depending on the situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pteronophobia View Post
    First of all, my religion is what I believe and I believe everyone should. Although I am obviously not "preaching to the choir". In order for an action to be deemed as good and just, the reason for doing it, the action itself, and the circumstances must all be good. Your reason for ending their life would be good (to end their suffering), the circumstances good (i see no special circumstances in your scenrio), however, the act itself is mortally evil (it IS murder, not matter who the person or amount of pain). If you were to murder a family member, obviously the action would be bad. So just because you feel like you are helping them by ending their pain, you are murdering them. Because of the fact that murder is an action that is intrimsically evil, the entire action of ending their life is evil.

    Now about soldiers. A good soldier is not evil in any matter. In a just war, killing is perfectly fine. You are defending what is yours and every human has a right to do this. It is self defense in a way (of your country and family). However, if a soldier decides to end a comrades life because they are dying slowing and begging him to end it now, he would become guilty of murder.

    Dogs do not have souls and this can be proven by a couple of reasons. First of all, dogs do not have the gift of will to decide what to do. Their entire mind's complex is built on instinct. I think I covered this pretty well in the last post. Also, dogs are amoung all the other animals. People eat dogs too in some countries and cultures. And this is fine, simply because it is known they DON'T have souls and can be justly consumed. It is not only my religion, but most of those through out the world who recogize humans as the only beings with souls. If you do not believe in God, then justiflying the fact that dogs don't have souls (or any other animal for that reason) would be quite difficult.
    humans are animals too y'know! Does that mean we don't have a soul?
    You say in war that it is ok to kill another person yet it's not ok to end ones suffering.
    The difference? War people are brutally killing each other for what ever reason, but yet when it comes to peacefully ending some ones life after years of pain and suffering- that's a big no no?
    If you want to get technical yes - both are forms of murder. But one is justifiable the other..well in some instances it is, but really...war is aviodable and a waste of life.
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    This subject is obviouly very sensitive so what we must astablish is are we helping the dead to die or are we helping the living to die.
    1. If someone is relying on a machine to keep him/her alive i would vote that
    the machine be swithed off and let nature do its thing.I think that most ppl
    just don't wantto let go and keep that person on the machine till there is
    no end.
    2.If the person is in a coma but can breath on their own then let him be don't
    fiddle with his/her life because he/she is stil alive.

    What u must do is imagine u laying there and someone else need to make a decision over u what would u prefer them do.

    If it was me and i was been kept alive by a machine i would ask one thing why did u put me on the machine in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violent View Post
    But remember God can be anything hence the no form... he made us in his real image ~ must be I don't care what he looks like hes just divine. But there is one thing to say and that is faith... otherwise we would always question. You should know this yourself? -_- God made life for people to think on their own and we always end up saying something bad about God. The rest of your writing was mumbo jumbo and the door to door thing is to spread the word like he said. People always try to pull stuff from the Bible like this to say that God is fake but he isn't...
    No it wasnt mumbo jumbo. It was the truth. The door to door thing=peddling.

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    Well actually the concept of God having no form was taken from Greek Stoics who integrated into the early Catholic church rather then the scriptures themselves.

    Trivia aside, aren't we getting a little off topic?

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