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Thread: Is everyone destined to have a soulmate??

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    Re: Is everyone destined to have a soulmate??

    I think personally that every one has a soul mate, but the reason that some are alone is because they didnt met eachother, and the reason that people divorce is that the thought that they found their soul mate but it turned out that they werent right for each other!
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    Re: Is everyone destined to have a soulmate??

    Quote Originally Posted by arekandera View Post
    it is nice and safe sometimes but it can became a problem after a time,right?at least it is a problem for me

    I nerfed the rest of your text.
    A problem? Not really. The only time it could be a problem is if I started to 'let someone in' and it gets in the way. But then again, I doubt I'll be doing that anytime soon (joys of having the Hedgehogs Dilemma).

    Anyway, congrats if you got over the problem. But relating to the original question: how do you define your soulmate? Are they someone that makes you happy, and is there for you on even the darkest of days? Cause if thats the case I'd like to propose my best friend as a soulmate
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    Re: Is everyone destined to have a soulmate??

    I don't think we were born to have soulmates. I believe that we fall in love of our own accord and our souls (as well as our bodies) mate, only the souls are together forever.

    Some people choose not to pursue love (or follow when it finds them). Some people are called to cling to the religious life; God is their soulmate, so to speak.

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    Re: Is everyone destined to have a soulmate??

    Me? Have a soulmate? I have no soul, silly. Well, anyway, the idea of having a soulmate... Having a person somewhere out there in this world, destined to stay by your side, destinies forever entwined by forces beyond your being—such is invisible red strings of love tied around your pinky... Oh, how romantic, how cheery, how beautiful. Of course, humans tend to follow the ideas that suit their needs and desires... And eventually actually start believing in them. So no, i don't believe in soulmates. The whole concept is just a cute spirit-lifter to me.
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