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Thread: Everyone's a Little Bit Racist Sometimes

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    Re: Everyone's a Little Bit Racist Sometimes

    Fear is very helpful, I will agree caution is better but that doesn't change the fact that fear is the bodies way of letting us know when something is wrong. Unreasonable fear of anything can create a self fulfilling prophecy however. After all what is being expressed here is a fear of bias, of judgment, and of opposing opinion. Fear of bias only creates bias, fear of prejudice leads to the same again. If is by recognizing what these things truly are and embracing the good in them that allows us to truly be free from the unreasonable.

    Yes, fear can be used to control (such as Nazi Germany) however when we become so afraid of the fear and forget what leads to that control we then give up our peace of mind, our trust, our freedom itself, in a sad attempt to prevent it from ever happening thereby creating the very environment of distrust and fear that will foster it itself.

    Yes, unreasonable bias leads to prejudice however when a fear of prejudice becomes so marked that we fear all bias and not just that which is unreasonable we open the door to additional prejudices. I have never met more prejudiced people then those who preach against it in specific. Those who scream that they are prejudiced against because of their skin color then say everyone of another color hates them. The women who are so ingrained into being discriminated against they refuse to believe that not everyone is the same or are threatened by a man just being "manly". The anti/religious who are so afraid of anyone else's belief they attack everyone else or try and suppress everyone who doesn't agree with them. It all starts with cries of bias and the fear of opinion.

    It isn't that the word Tolerance is not being used correctly in news and public opinion. It is that the people who write it don't want tolerance they want acceptance. If they didn't then why do they try and teach children that whatever it is that they want is normal and acceptable, "merely a choice". Why do they try and use legislation to enforce their point of view. Look at their actions as well as their words, it is very illuminating. Use your dictionary, learn what words mean, it will help you both in being able to express yourself so that others will understand you and in understanding what others are really saying.

    Don't let fear and word spin fool you into supporting someone else's agenda. Such is the path to unreasonable bias and a lack of tolerance for others. After all if you have not reasoned it out and understood the true nature of a statement/belief how can your bias be reasonable?

    And really that is my entire point. Bias is not a bad thing only "unreasonable bias". There is nothing wrong with making judgments based on personal experience, it means you have grown and learned from it. If time shows a judgment to be wrong reevaluate. Don't be afraid to have an opinion or belief, stand up for it, just grant others their own. It is when someone tells you to disregard personal experience, opinion, or judgment that they are really attempting to create an empty slate so they can write their own opinion and belief there and that, is something to be "feared"... or at least cautious of.

    Good day.
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    Re: Everyone's a Little Bit Racist Sometimes

    I'm not one bit racist... Okay, fine fine, I'm a little misanthropic at times, but I'm not biased towards any specific race. All I see are humans of varying origins.

    I'll tell you what though, I'm a bit biased towards people of religions whose beliefs go against my beliefs... Understandable, right? Fear of losing power... I'm biased because ALL of my relatives devoted and religious conservatives (except for my mother and two little brothers; my dad's sorta neutral on it, I guess), and I'm afraid of what they'd do to me if they found out that I believe in something that contradicts their own beliefs. I mean, dang, if they knew that I supported people of other sexual orientations other than heterosexuality, or that I agree with Friedrich Nietzsche on quite a few things, or that I enjoy items of the Boys Love genre... I'm just scared. Of losing power, respect, and blemishing my reputation, that's all. They wouldn't do anything to physically harm me, but I'd definitely be ostracized quite horribly...
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