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Thread: Evolution or extinciton-

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    Re: Evolution or extinciton-

    i have to say but that is only one way at looking at the big picture. i think it comes down to the simple reason, y was i put here, what is my purpose and whats the freaking point when i die, did it mean anything?

    i guess this is common with all ppl. i mean we are just smuges that cover the window of the universe. so yes we are insignifcant i must admit. but then what happens when we scale down everything, i mean we are only 1 person and we are looking at the world here. but to me, we don't need to prove our existance to any1 else but urself. the proff that i'm goin to leave behind isn't goin to be something that will be remember for centuries (but it will still be forgoten someday) but that i live my life the way i wanted, and enjoyin every second. it would just be a waste of life if u didn't enjoy the things u have.

    and why do we only look at the problem we have but do nothing about it. i mean come on ppl we can talk about how stupid and crappy and meaningless life is, and all the problem that plague this world because of us. and yes we didn't contribute to it directly and yes it could of been done by some1 else
    (this can be referring to country or even aliens, what ever tickles ur fancy) but the only way to solve the problem is to do something about it.

    so basically to mean u seem to me a little bored of life. stuck in that usualy rutt goin nowhere just like every1 else but ur tired of it.. and if thats the cause seems like a little change is in order with ur life. there nothing stoping urself but urself.

    anywho are we leading ourselve to extinction or are we evolving?. well lets see, personally i think we will continue to evolve thank with the help of science, and if anything we could end up like the ppl in "brave new world" (strongly that u DON'T read it), where ppl are just mindless drones. but to me we will continue to grow but then how long will that be. for all we know it could be for the next thousand yr or so. but everything come to an end, nothing continue forever (and if it did that would be a scary thought). in the end our universe will most likely implode on itself. but hey it was a fun ride now wasn't it.

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    Re: Evolution or extinciton-

    That is life myfriend. but in my experience, if you love what you do, and strive to be better at it everday and do the very best you can, then the cycle will be a very fullfilling one. if its that bad for you then try a change of occupation, there are so many things to be, so many things to learn in this world.
    I agree with this idea.

    I realy like programing and to be honest, even tought my life is a normal routine, I realy like the way it gose, there is allways something that I didn't explore, something that is not normal in my life, the only problem is that I find it to late, and sometimes I regret that. BUT to love what u do, and in my case its going to school, is something that IF u achive, u can became a better person. I achived that, and it's a realy nice thing...
    It is true that its hard to find something fascinating in life, something that could get the bread on the table when the time will came, but keeping in mind that life is not all about the work u do, keeping in mind that u have friends that will make u fell better after u finish the routine keeps meany people "alive".

    Amh.. In other words, just like dude101 said, we can change, we can make ureselfs better if we try to accept what we do, and put a bit of soul in it, make every day special in a verry small procent. If we try a diferent hair cut from time to time and see the reactions of the m8s, practice a nice sport, or try to change the way we work from time to time i'm shore we'll wake up with a diferent perception of life every day.

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    Re: Evolution or extinciton-

    CLosing i just wanted to see some of your peoples opinions, and some of you didn't get what i was trying to say >.>,
    -Just another green eyed angel, distorted by mans love for hate-

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