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If it's a symptom we shouldn't be focusing on it. You don't cure a symptom, you cure what's causing it.
And if what is causing it is the extreme individualism? I would love to argue about where in the whole issue family plays a part and all but I am to tired to really give you a good fight. lol So instead I will just say what if the issue IS the society becoming "extremely individualistic... a 'do your own thing' philosophy to an excessive degree." The way I see it this is moral ambiguity at its utmost, a "there is no right and wrong just choice and what I choose is no ones business but mine". When you have a society that considers individual desire to be more important than loyalty, morality, or society itself how can it do anything but fracture and the family with it? There is simply nothing to hold it together at that point.

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For whatever stupid reason people like to divide themselves from others
It is called mutual defense. Like it or not there are people out there who would like to take advantage of you (and everyone else). The uniting under laws into specific regions is so that people can defend themselves from such thing. It, of course, works better at times then others.