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Thread: Family Affection

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    Re: Family Affection

    Quote Originally Posted by Peach_follows View Post
    When I read these responses I feel like I am basically being called a pedophile! Many of you seem to have a warped sense of what is inappropriate and abusive in my opinion. Just because you have some weird issue, or some strange standard of what you think is unacceptable. That doesn't mean you have the right to judge others, who were likely not doing anything with ill intent (Or he wouldn't have kissed her in public)
    Wow, I think your taking this a little to harshly. I said it was awkward for me, I never said that it was wrong. And it probably was just some kind of family or cultural thing. I'm not saying it wasn't because there are millions of people on this earth and people are bound to different beliefs and so fourth.

    There are lots of ways of showing affection, hugs, kisses on the forehead/cheek. I personally think kissing a kid on the lips is a little over the top, which is just my opinion. I'm not going to say its wrong or he is taking advantage of his daughter by any means.

    I like my space and I'm sorta a germaphobe, so I give my family and friends hugs on rare occasions to show them I care. Thats all they are getting from me. The only people I kiss are some of my friends, whether at a party or if they are my boyfriend. Which might be why I find people kissing their kids on the lips a bit awkward.

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    Re: Family Affection

    It seems I don't need to bring up the age issue.. I find it's major ok to kiss a little baby and hug them and just go nuts 'cause they gotta grow up and once that happens they develop personal space and privacy. I wouldn't kiss my mom on this lips today, not unless she was dying.

    cultural thing.
    I hear that. And for the sake of being UNracist I say Asian so as not to confuse race.

    My bebe sister and I were at the local hockey rink eh, stockin' up on guns n' beer to peacefully fight them hosers eh. n.n kidding! But we really were at Dollarama buying munchies.

    This little Asian girl walks up and just grabs Ashley's toy from her and starts talking to her in Asian. It was so sudden and the little girl hadn't run away, she was smiling and still gabbing to Ashley. I really didn't know what was up.
    Her mother comes along and looks at Ashley, then she kneels down and starts patting her bum and rubbing on her. At that point I was a little tripped out, but I didn't tell her not to do that. She was nice looking and Ashley wasn't freaked out so nothing was wrong.

    Later I wondered why it was weird to admire someone with more than just your eyes, and what they were saying.

    I think it's really a families choice how much physical contact is in the relationship, people should just look away if they see something displeasing. Besides, there so much discrimination against gays and Muslims and whoever isn't perfectly politically correct these days that people should just ignore certain things before everyone becomes a minority.
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    Re: Family Affection

    not really ive seen some people grow up to kiss their parents lightly on the mouth after theyve married and had children. some grow up to show their parents affection, and some grow up to show their parents a different type of affection, or none at all to their parents.
    growing up i show no affection towards my father, because he didnt want it after a certain age, but i do show it to my mom because she does want it. thats how i grew up and learned to show affection towards my parents. others are different and dont show their parents any kind of affection, and some show their parents loads of affections, it all depends on the family support of the practice.

    all im saying is i dont think kids should be pushed away from showing their parents affection. Theres alot of reasons, but some grow up to do what they feel like is the right kind of affection towards their parents. everyone is different but its not wrong to get affection from your children while you can, and get it freely.

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