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Thread: fandom getting dangerous or not?

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    fandom getting dangerous or not?

    curious...i have read a couple stories that regards to these fanboys and fangirls taking their fandom to the extreme.
    like this for example in this video. not mine by the way and accidentally found it. anyway just click here. remember, this is just an example.
    so my question is, fandom getting dangerous or not?

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    Re: fandom getting dangerous or not?

    Yes of course it is getting dangerous.
    I also watch hes Death Note video, but that was a bit different subject where young kids are being influenced

    Twilight fans on the other hand have some serious problems. You should also watch the South Park episode on twilight it's hilarious. If you look at this closely this has been going on for the last 2000 years. The bible is a collection of fatasy and so are other important religious books and people have believed in them so much that they will kill other people because they don't.

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    Re: fandom getting dangerous or not?

    Obsessive fans are nothing new as far as I know. I don't think it's getting more dangerous with time although the exposure and means are always expanding with new technologies and developments.

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    Re: fandom getting dangerous or not?

    Obsession has always been around. The thing that bugs the hell out of me is the ones that are so obessive they can't take criticism of a series.
    But being a die hard fan of many things (Shojo Kakumei Utena, Watchmen, DBZ, Mars, Angel Sanctuary, etc), I can understand where they come from.

    The thing that bugs me is when they make a movie and can't accept any little changes. (I also hate it when Hollywood destroys series/comics, but thats an entirely different story).

    For example, I understand fans getting pissed at DB Evolution, but not Watchmen.

    But I do have problems with fanboys and girls in the sense that they are totally obessed with one character and they think all others suck. And its normally only because of looks. Which is annoying because I have all of my favorite characters for legit reasons. (Intelligence, Similarities to myself, the way they act/think, etc). Not because they're hot.

    And the entire Twilight thing in ridiculous. Seriously, its not that great.

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