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Thread: Freedoms?

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    Re: Are our freedoms being removed from us?

    Well since Man has becomed 'Civilised' (aparently ) Humans have taken away their own freedom in the form of Laws. If you sit down and think about it, freedom is actually Anarcy.

    So in answer to your question: No, our Freedom isn't being removed from us as we aren't Free.

    If your meaning our rights, that's a totally different story as Rights Activists (Do Gooders) believe that prisoners should be given rights even thought they broke the rights of others therfore should have all rights removed. then there's Political Correctness, but I wont go there...
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    Re: Freedoms?

    I have to agree with some of the others Freedom is allowed to a certain degree. We have freedom in everything as long as we dont abuse our freedom to hurt others and take away their freedoms.

    In the end we have no freedom anyway all we have is limitations. And if we dont exceed our limitations we will be allowed to assume we are free but can you truely feel free in a world where the government has the rights (weither you know it or not) to tap your phones, photograph you from space and monitor everysingle thing you do online?

    We're not free so the only thing you have complete control over is weither you admit you're not free and accept it or deny it.

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    Re: Freedoms?

    Freedom does not mean that one can misrespect other's rights. For the smoking issue, personally I am allergic to tobacco and I think I have the right to breathe air free of smoke... if someone is wanting to die soon it is not my problem and "good" for them... but I want to live longer and my freedom to be health is being taken if someone is smoking beside me...
    For the food issue... I am not very sure what to think about that one... as I stated before if someone wants to die soon it is not anyone's problem... if that person want to die of obessity... well let that person die.
    But I think that the law is going through for a healthy and protection matter... meaning that the govt is caring... (I am thinking very possitively here)...
    it is not a secret that the US has the highest standard of obessity in the world... and of course with that come a lot of illness...
    OK with that I am not saying that I discriminate large people... or that I support those that not eat at all whatsoever.... I am just saying this in healthy a manner.

    I have always think that my freedom finishes where my neighbor's freedom begins...
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    Re: Freedoms?

    freedom is every thing to me .....and i will fight for it ....and i think freedom doesn't mean smoking freely or do any thing els ..... freedom to me just freedom ..... i want my freedom but not on freedom of others

    when you think about freedom in gang you will say the leader have every thing and he have men under his hand but when you observe the gang you will see that the leader has no freedom because he always run from the police and when you look to his men you will see that they don't have their freedom because when they do something wrong they... will killed by their leader .....

    we need freedom every day like we need the sun ....=^_^=
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