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Thread: Game addiction

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    Re: Game addiction

    I agree that gaming is an addiction. However, any hobby can be considered an addiction. xD
    I'm addicted to reading, yet no one tries to send me to rehab for that. I'm addicted to my art, and I'm addicted to games. An addiction is initially catharsis in my eyes. I play them to release all my thoughts and feelings so I don't take it out on the real world.

    When it becomes physically unhealthy like alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes, that's when help is needed.While I don't think gaming is unhealthy, I believe that some "addicts" should receive help if it's to the point of not leaving their rooms and ignoring social activity altogether.

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    Re: Game addiction

    Gaming to me is pretty much a hobby. I enter tournaments, contests, play for fun. w/e it is, if it's gaming i'm happy.
    My point is if something makes someone happy whether it be games, art, literature, heck even smoking, what is it in our right to question them? They know what they are doing can be viewed as wrong to some and right to others. That's the world we live in though, we respond to what is viewed through other people's eyes. My friends know I love gaming, probably to an unhealthy degree, but they live with it and they accept that and that's why I see them as friends.
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