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Thread: Gamers: Are they bad people??

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    Re: Gamers: Are they bad people??

    I am a gamer addict!!!! Does that make me bad? NO!!! Just think we are actually the good ones, while we play on our consoles it prevents us from doing bad things, you here about all these acts of crime and vandalism from youths these days that the older generations look down with disgust upon us all, therefore we are all tarred from the same brush and its not fair, when i was younger i didnt go around throwing stones at peoples houses or burning their property or stealing or anyhthing like that and i guess i have video games to thank for that (or my up bringing i guess lol). Thats why it makes me so angry when i hear on the news that violent video games are the cause of violent people, well theyre not, i say its the parents or the company the child keeps that are to blame.

    thank you equinn

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    Re: Gamers: Are they bad people??

    IM PROUD TO BE A GAMER...if i meet that old man i would hit him and shove a broom handle up his rear and then just keep playing my games because no can make me stop playing games.
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    Re: Gamers: Are they bad people??

    I think it is rather silly to say that all gamers are bad or something.
    Games can have different effects on different people of course- some might find that games help them not to be that angry in real life (as some before me have said), while some will find the events in bloody games so exciting they will want to do "bad things" (as has been mentioned before me of course, since there are 7 pages to read!) It just depends on the person.
    Games have lots more of positive effects tho than the negatives I think (well for me it deffintely is so), because they also help you develop your immagination, help you see life from a different perpective, help you live your life in another place and time, help you relax or build up some nice tasty adrenaline, develops your coordination, your hand movements become better and so on. As negatives I'd find only... too much time spent with computer, makes some peple do bad things, and might result in glasses But that is just for some people, while the positives I'd give to most people.
    Older people simply might not understand things like that, they had fun with much different things, but I wouldn't say that killing butterflies and climbing trees would be less dangerous towards emotional and phyisical health.
    Well shorty, no, gamers should not be classified as "bad people", even though some gamers might be bad. But the reason for it might not be the game anyways.

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    Re: Gamers: Are they bad people??

    I'm still siding with the "Gamers Aren't Bad People" side myself.

    I used to love blowing stuff up back when my computer still ran online Battlefield 2 & 2142. I'd ram my jeep into tanks as I bail out then blow the explosives I'd planted on it, after running down a few enemy troops along the way. But I don't go out & do that same stuff in real life. That's one thing games are there for, so you CAN do things you'd go to jail or even die horribly doing.

    The only time I can think of where games would actually cause someone to re-enact something from a game, would be those people who find it hard to tell reality from fantasy. The ones I mean are those who can't figure out game characters are nothing but a collection of graphics & a voice actor, & start thinking they can do that stuff in real life. Those are the people who are in danger of living up to the old saying of "Monkey See, Monkey Do".

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