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Thread: Gay Marriages

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    Re: Gay Marriages

    Quote Originally Posted by Billum256 View Post
    Well actually if its a religion that does follow the Bible then they can judge. The correct thing to say is that they shouldn't judge harshly.

    Well I realize that many are going to see my name and think great the gay hater is back on AO and posting. Well don't fear I was just passing by and probably won't be on often.

    Well I think by this point anyone on AO who has been in an argument with me on this sort of thing or even seen my post know where I stand, but for all the newcomers here it goes.

    I believe that marriage is something that is dictated by the Bible. The Bible speaks out against gays and says its a sin. So with this being said not only do I know that gay marriages are wrong, but the whole concept of man&man women&women is wrong. So yeah its a big no on gay marriages from me.
    In a way it is, however, marriages have been going on long before the creation OF the bible, however I slightly agree with your points. Marriage is a "Christian" thing more than anything else in today. However, they do have unionships for same se xmarriages, just some States make them illeagal, or banned (Hopefully they'll have common sense and make it legal and whatnot).

    Really, I see no issue with "Same sex unions" because chances are, though probably not recorded, they had that back in the ya know, before that huge uprise of Christianity. Now, I'm just assumig this so I CAN be wrong about that.

    In any case, I could care less about marraige, due to some points Dark made. I say a sincere "I love you" should suffice and staying together for some time shows something.

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    Re: Gay Marriages

    marriage between anyone is fine with me. if you want to make that commitment go right ahead, its your life, and your buisness. it shouldnt matter what sex you are. Im for gay marrige, because my brother is gay, and he loves Mark enough to kill anyone who would hurt him. You should only get married if you want to, Love is not defined by a peice of paper certificate. You cant change who you fall in love with.

    Marriage rates have gone down because people either wait, or women like independence from men, even with children. People rush into this commitment with out thinking the whole thing through. They are either too young, then regret it later. Or rush into a couple hours to months later. Divorce has gone up because of it, alot of times it takes years later to know you should never have gone through with it.

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    Re: Gay Marriages

    Who cares if gays can mary, it's not like it's the end of the world, who would you let a man and a woman mary and not two men...
    Besides, being gay is natural and if you look at some of the ancient greek and roman god's you'd see there are quite alot gay figures in those myths... So why not allow them to mary, if they're happy with eachother that's the most important thing

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    Re: Gay Marriages

    Quote Originally Posted by desxms View Post
    How do you feel about gay marriages? Should it be legalized? I went to a Chritian school that said it should be Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Personally I think love transcends sexual orientation and can be a blessing. I saw a gay couple adopt children and live harmoniously. It was just unheard of in my school and my classmates thought gayness was lame. Maybe they felt superior to gay people and knew that the Pope wouldn't approve of gay marriages. Then again the Pope is also against abortion. Religion is always superimposing its mores on others but if all roads lead to Rome then even religious people could not deny the love two people have for each other. Kids growing up with gay parents can be just as cool as kids with heterosexual parents maybe even more so if the love is sincere, and honourable because they practice and open mind and toleration. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie said they wouldn't marry until all people could get married, meaning gay rights. I think homosexuality is another test of tolerance even if it is weird for me to see two men kissing or two women kissing. It's healthy though since in the 50s gay people were taught to berate themselves for being gay leading to suicidal thoughts and matters of not being to accept themselves. I know however that just as it is uncomfortable for people to see homosexual love making it can just be as hard for a gay man to picture making love to a woman, which he would probably find disgusting. Gay people have rights too. It's great the world is finally coming to grips with a African presidential nominee, or a female presidential nominee... I wonder if we will ever have a gay president. I am for legalizing gay marriages.... if only the ultra conservatives would loosen up. sigh.

    I, being a lesbian, think that it shouldn't matter if you are a guy marrying a guy or a girl marrying a girl, it should just be about love and devotion. People make us out to be evil or just plain old f--ked up in the head, but we go through more hardships being who we are than anyone else. We have to deal with our lifestyle along with everything else. Loving someone unconditionally is all that matters. If you want to get married to your partner then it should be allowed. You are promising yourself to only that person and sharing your life and troubles with only that person. They say we shouldn't be allowed to have children either, that it will be hard on the child with out the mother role or the father role, but they don't realize that we were born to someone else and that they have family. There are more people in the childs life to help him/her grow to be an outstanding citizen if being gay/lesbian/bi/transexual/trans-gender was accepted among society. We live to love because most of us have lived with out love and we don't want to put anyone or even a child, through that pain. People need to realize that we don't bleed green and that we ARE human. We have the same feelings as you do, and we deserved to be treated with the same respect as anyone else. Now, those men/women who molest boys/girls, are they necessarly gay/lesbian? People think that because of what they do that we are just like them. Most of those people are married to a member of the opposit sex. So why are we to blame? We are just like you, alive and feeling every little remark smashing our lifestyles into the ground. How would you feel if you grew up into a homosexual world. If you were born heterosexual and people taunted you and harassed you and even tried to kill you because you weren't like them? Just how would you feel?
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    Re: Gay Marriages

    im bisexual..and i say why not? why should anyone say gays cant marry? it's not their business. if they believe we' ll go to hell that's their belief..why should we have to listen to them..its not fair that gays cant marry. theryre couples too..they want to step up a bit just like all straights..
    im actually very glad california passed the law, and i hope it lasts..

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    Re: Gay Marriages

    Being gay is not evil, God love humans and he want us to be happy but having a sexual intercourse with the same sex is evil it consist of two sins, Blasphemy and Sodomy God created us according to our image and he created adam first it means that god is a man then a man will have an erotic life with a man too?! And sodomy or against the nature, were are belong to the animal kingdom (I think) and do you saw two dog or two monkeys or two birds or two cats or two insects having sex with their own sex?

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    Re: Gay Marriages

    I believe this has been discussed before. I'll say the same thing that I've said in previous gay marriage topics. I'm all for it! If gay people want to suffer like most straight people do when they're married, GO FOR IT!!! I won't stop you!

    I'm pretty anti-marriage though. I've been engaged a couple times, never married. But I know plenty of couples who got married and are miserable, or got married and quickly got divorced and those kind of divorces usually are because one person didn't wait to see what his/her spouse is like when they're angry/upset. LOL. My mother's been married twice and she's never remarrying again. So, I say once more: Go for it!! If gays want to ruin their lives temporarily just as straights have, you have my permission.

    On a serious note though (lol), I could care less. Homosexuals are just as human as Heterosexuals. We're all Homos if you wanna be technical about it (Homosapien). They should be able to have the same rights as anybody else. I thought we were past all the discrimination when we had the big 'Civil Rights Era' in the 60s. Now gay people are the new black people it seems. Soon they won't be able to vote, LMAO! (I know, that was wrong, but soooo funny)

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    Re: Gay Marriages

    Quote Originally Posted by Miroku4444 View Post
    No i don't approve. They can be together all they want, but they don't need to get married. Its just an attempt to try and normalize homosexuality, and a money issue.
    No, Miroku411789-10. It is not an attempt at anything. People have been trying to legalize gay marriages because of human rights. It isn't fair that a man and a woman can get married, but a man x man can't.

    That's retarded, and everyone knows it, denial or not.

    So, thumbs UP! to approving gay marriage!

    Good for Cali! Might start a chain reaction, let's wait and see.
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