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Thread: Are girls smarter than boys?

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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    I say no they aren't but what is your definition of "smart"?

    Is "smart" knowing more than someone else or one's ability to learn? I say the latter but for those who say the former then can you really say that some one at NASA who knows everything about the super advanced Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator is smarter than some one who doesn't?

    Does knowing a lot about 1 thing REALLY make you smarter than someone who doesn't know anything about that particular thing? What happens if that one particular thing sounds smart but really isn't?

    I mean just because someone at NASA knows EVERYTHING about a Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator doesn't make them smart. Does it?

    God I hope not.

    My point is it really isn't the amount of knowledge one has, if the topics are super advanced or even if you know all about it but rather one's natural ability to learn that makes you smart.

    So what I am saying is that I may never know the ins and outs of a Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator but as long as I can learn from the things I read and do then I am smart! Umm No, not what I am saying.

    In my opinion all are equal in opportunity each being blessed with greater ability to "learn" about certain particular thing(s). The subject matter of what they learn is irrelevant, it doesn't determine "smartness" but that they can learn faster, more efficiently and retain it in that field is the key. Thus we call them "genius" for that subject.

    Example Jimi Hendrix was a "genius" when it came to playing a guitar on a level Albert Einstein couldn't come close to, in the same respect Albert knew more about physics than anyone on this forum or possibly else where could come close to. Note neither read it in a book but theorized and then created it.

    We as a society deem things as having or requiring a higher level of intelligence and maybe that is so but how do you measure it?

    Anyone given enough time and will power can learn all there is to know about anything, such as a Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator however those that can learn about it the quickest and retain the most about it...those are what I am saying are the "smart" ones in that field...and they aren't determined by gender.

    Unfortunately most don't take the time to find out what they are a "genius" in, thus only those who find their true calling are deem "genius" and everyone else is just normal.

    The thing with the girls finishing higher, 2 things.

    1) Girls care more about education at that age in general, that is my experience and observation.

    2) It is theorized that a girl's brain actually develops faster than that of a boy's AT THIS AGE and thus their heighten comprehension is the key, not "smartness".

    P.S. For those who still think the NASA guy is smarter for knowing about a Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator....I hope you know that is the thing Marvin the Martian is always trying to blow the earth up with

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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    I would have to say that we are all equal in are smarts. We just have differences in applying ourselves. I think that there are a lot of level headed smart boys that make me feel like I have no smarts in me. And there are some girls that can show boys up in the smart department. In reality it all depends on the person. If you want something bad enough you'll work for it. Girls want to be independent and want to make something of their lifes so I think that's why people consider us smarter. Because we apply ourselves and work for what we want. I'm not saying that boys don't because they do work rather hard to get where they want to be. All in all, we are all equal. And in really just depends on the guy or gal if they want to be a smart kid.
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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    In some field there are girls who is smarter. In other fields there are guys who are smarter. I don't want to sound like a sterotype but in fields like machenics its usually male and in fields like beauty therapy it usually girls.
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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    I think after all the answers I received I would have to say we're equal and about statistics people shouldn't try live their live in a way that they belong to the average part of the statistic. Aim to be better than the statistic because you are an individual not a number.

    P.S. I'm an Asian who's average (Sri Lankan) but my sister is a genius no jokes.

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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    Boys and girls are different creatures created by God. He made them unique. Boys can be smarter in some ways. Same with us girls, we can be smart in some ways. So I think boys are not smarter than girls and girls are not smarter than boys.

    But I'll still go for girls. XD

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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rook View Post
    I surely hope girls are smarter than boys. Becuase someone needs to make up the smartness for us lol.

    But seriously, i think girl have potential to be smarter than boys. but sadly i often see that potential thrown away.

    As for boys, well it really makes me wonder if they really only care about one thing you know?

    Ouch, and that my dear children is called a generalization and naive to an extreme.
    Not all guys think ONLY about sex - if that is what you're implying, sure in hell what I interpreted, and i get sick and annoyed by that.

    As for Woman or Men being smarter? Completely depends on the person, then again comes a question, "What is smart" that alone is personal interpretation, unless you use societies definition, but what Is societies definition? Really I can just say this, we're "even" or "equal" as some stated, it depends on that person, as I stated before.

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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    Boys and girls simply think differently from each other anyway. But like i have mention smarts would differ from one person to the next whether its a girl or a boy. Family traits play affect when you talk about the ability to learn more, or at a faster pace. But in this thread im guessing were talking about the natural ability to learn thru girls and boys in general so most GENERALLY speaking, not to every single person would this apply to, girls are smarter than guys....speaking of book smart by the way.

    And also science says yes, that girls are smarter than boys, if a chimpanzee study is any guide.

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    Re: Are girls smarter than boys?

    Boys and girls are both equally smart. I think the proper question is which one has the better attention span. I know I dont no matter how much I tried simply because I just wasnt into it even though I knew it was super important. How ever when it came to things in school that did interest me I did very well in them.

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