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Thread: Good Vs Evil

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    Re: Good Vs Evil

    Well I don't see how karma plays a part in Job's story. Honestly, I think his fate was cruely played in a bet between God and Satan which I think was the true evil in the story. Not to talk bad about God or mention this as a fault of his but that was evil of him to do this sequencing of bad luck to an innocent good person. In a way, he kind of didn't prove to be any better than a child who is not considerate of another just prove a point.

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    Re: Good Vs Evil

    Just more proof that I will prevail over the good folks. See I am a determined adversary. Goods days are numbered, I mean AngelFlow pointed out the holiest of holies can be corrupted.

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    Re: Good Vs Evil

    Going on what little knowledge I have of scripture I would say no, Job did not deserve his lot in life but that's ultimately nobody's business but God's. I've often heard the phrase God works in mysterious ways, and this is a good example.

    The head honcho loves a good test of faith, this is what I see in Job's case. God was putting Job through the paces to see if he would stay loyal or if he would condemn his holiness.

    God is the epitome of virtue and cannot be considered corrupt in any situation, the way he operates may be cruel and despicable to us mainly because our time alive is finite and mostly we're concerned for ourselves. Whatever bad fortune we encounter affects us more acutely than it would if we didn't have an expiration date. God is in it for all humanity and is wise to make examples of sinners far beyond repentance.

    On an interesting side note, I dug up a set up commandments used in Egyptian religion. Their code is much refined from the ten commandment of God and include simple things like taking a hand to animals and personal sins. Very heavy stuff ^.^

    Walk like an Egyptian!
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Good Vs Evil

    I can get into a whole thing, comparing the simple ideas of humans in the insight of higher beings - comparing such things as high deities such as Greek gods and the Native American gods: Eventually leading to the reason why such misunderstandings happen within the realm of reasoning of good and evil.

    I COULD.
    But I won't because I'm supposed to be doing a paper right now.
    (I'm just killing boredom by posting here)

    I will say however, that the idea of Job deserving what he got or not is skewed in many ways in your argument.

    For most devouts, the story of Job was a show of loyalty and devotion. To question whether he deserved it or not is blasphemous to them. Humans don't deserve anything in their eyes, and what of it? So Job had a painful life and died, yet he goes to heaven where he is happy for all of eternity. Does a temporary life really compare to an eternal one?
    THAT is why devouts would find questioning this as blasphemous - for it insinuates that the temporary life is worth enough to curse God for the pain you go through it.

    However, that's one standpoint - 'the original standpoint' I might add, but still just only one of them. My argument here is the idea of Good and Evil.

    The battle amongst Good and Evil, as you say, is within the boundaries of the mind. Even as a religious person, I see that as a truth.
    It's the inner-clashing within one's own soul/mind when they see the possibilities.

    It's a battle within one's self of whether one should or should not do something - weighing the pros and cons - and overall, the moral damage.
    Do the gods battle in these things?
    I believe it's something the humans made.

    Even with the existence of gods, humans made those as well.
    Something to blame.

    The idea of temptation... humans wishing to blame something for the idea.

    Does that mean Good and Evil don't exist.
    Oh, no no, it exists. And quite solid, too.

    Whether you believe in spirits or not, they do exist. There are too many fake "evidences" out there that many of us grow up believing it's fake.
    Yet many, like myself, grew up in the fear of it for having experiencing it.
    However, after studying several beliefs, studies, and religions; I understand the situation a lot more than I used to.

    If you think spirits is a whole buncha' hubbub, then stop reading now because I ain't gonna' convince ya'.

    Ya' see, we run into malicious spirits out there in the world... things that are "evil" enough that they gain enough strength to affect the physical world. They may call themselves as demons, as lost souls, as owners of the territory, or whatever. The fact is, they do affect the physical world around them, and it is quite distressing.

    Now what are these? In a blind spiritual sense, we just see them as demons.
    However, if the concept of good and evil is just within the brain, then demons are just of our own imagination.
    Except, a good number of people have run into these "demons" even when they believed in every sense that spiritual things don't exist. They never feared these things, for they never imagined them. But here they are, terrorizing them.
    So what are these things?

    We can say an anomaly, scientifically. We can say a psychic memory, psychically. Or we can say an avatar, in a religious sense.

    Most people would probably understand the psychic memory more-so than the other two. Mainly because you can't really explain anomalies, and most people don't understand the concept of an avatar.

    The idea of psychic memory is the human's psychic energy. Usually spun out of control by mental plagues (emotional and social problems), their trace of mental force becomes "physical". Usually something as a recurring "video" - many times seen as a spirit doing the same action every night. This is usually the memory that they see the most, and the odd thing is, it might not be even a memory of themselves. ...but the problem is when this psychic memory becomes a self-aware existence... usually caused when a mental stress goes leaps and bounds beyond control that their psychic entity becomes a "spirit" of their own. A singularity of emotions. It acts upon those emotions.

    ...and this is what I call "the creation of a god".

    Avatar is what I'm talking about.
    In the spiritual sense, you can see this as a person becoming so overwhelmed by their emotions (usually guilts, fears, and paranoias), that they create an "avatar" of these emotions. You don't often see kindly spirits, mainly because you don't often see a person overwhelmed with such kindness. Silly sounding, but true.
    These avatars are now a force of their own, acting upon the emotions left behind that created them.
    Perhaps it's the idea that life just wasn't enough, but the fact is you'll find these avatars most likely after someone's death. And you'll often find these in areas where tragedy hit hard, and there was nothing to compensate for it.

    Now comes the idea of collective emotions that create a "true avatar".

    Perhaps an entire culture believes one thing so much (and we're talking true belief, not appearance, and not doubts), that it truly becomes an existence all on its own. And odd thing is, this existence can be seen even by those who don't believe in it.
    ...this would create a true god. Whether it be a god of good or evil, it is an existence of collective emotions - and acts upon such.
    And henceforth the spiritual battle of Good vs Evil is created.

    I'm called blasphemous for this, but the "God" that many call "God" is nothing but a collection of beliefs given a name. I do believe that God exists, but the way I describe "God" is so abstract that you can't really call it a description. However, that fits perfectly with the idea that a mortal can't describe a god.

    So, in my words, many "believers" are worshiping a false god. For they give "God" a personality. Often giving "Him" the idea that "He" likes this or "He" likes that. Or "He" does this because of that. ........that's very blasphemous, in my opinion. Actually, that's very blasphemous even by their own beliefs. A contradictory belief that many atheists could strike but don't because even they can't see it.

    So... the idea of the Devil? God? Ra? Zeus? The Trickster? The Rainbow Man?
    All possibly just a collection of beliefs and emotions that created them.
    The war upon Good and Evil is a creation of humans.
    Does that make it any less dangerous? No... their collective beliefs and emotions are so strong that they create a physical form of this war...
    ...we still do run into demons nowadays, remember that. And demons are no less effective if you don't believe in them, they're just as dangerous - maybe even more dangerous since you won't know how to counter them according to the rules of the belief.

    If you've ever looked into demonology and its several cases, you'll notice something... demons can be banished through several ways. You don't need to be Catholic to banish a demon. Several forms of religions, beliefs, and cults can rid of a demon. As long as that demon follows the rules of that banishment, it can be banished.

    So......... yeah. That's my whole shpeal about this mess.
    Mock me all ya' want, never bothered me.
    But before ya' do, look into a subject from every aspect before judging me on it.

    The battle of good and evil is mental, period.

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