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Thread: The government

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    The government

    Do you think the Government can be changed, or is it to late?

    Most don't know this, but the constitution states, not in these exact words, that if you are unsatified, or if the government is unjust, it is your responsability as an American to either change it or leave and start a new.

    The two party system was always do to fail, I mean come on, what's going to happen when you have two groups that oppose each other at everything, voting for a highly needed proposal? One side will vote for it and the other will vote against it just because the first side was for it. There at least needs to be a 3rd equal deciding group. For example take what happened after WWI, President Wilson came up with an idea called The League of Nations, the prototype of the U.N., it was created, but the U.S. never joined because Wilson was a Democrat, most of the Republicans voted against joining. If the U.S. had joined WWII could have been avoided or at least less devastating than it was.

    The reason some countries hate/hated the U.S.

    What provoked Japan; In 1852 the U.S. sent 3 warships to Japan, which at the time had litttle trade with any foreigners except the dutch, with a letter demanding that Japan open it's ports and allow trade with the U.S., but the Nagasaki port wouldn't allow passage, so the Navy captains threatend force. They were allowed to pass and they delivered the letter and a promise to return for an answer. On the way back to the U.S. the Navy noticed that some Japanese islands were perfect for coal mines and a great naval defence, so they proposed that the U.S. take over those islands so they could monopolize on trade, the proposal was almost passed. They returned with 7 ships and forced the shogun to sign a peace treaty. The U.S. then proceeded to take over a few Japanese ports for themselves.

    How Hawaii became a state; Hawaii produced a lot of goods, suger, fruit etc....therefore it was closly looked at by the U.S. at this time it was a Queendom. The U.S. buisnessmen wanted complete control of all exports, so they created a fake revolt with the help of the U.S. Navy that waited at nearby ports as a show of force to anyone who fought back against this "revolt." After the queendom fell Hawaii was quickly annexed in 1898 and finally became a state in 1959.

    Here's my little "consperacy theory" about these two countries, I say two countries because Hawaii was once it's own country. How did the Japanese know exactly where and when to hit Pearl Harbor? and who was close enough to get a look at the U.S. bases? I believe the Hawaiians conveyed intel to the Japanese, who could blame them.

    Why Cuba hates us; The same thing that happened to Hawaii was plotted to happen in Cuba, the U.S. planned to annex Cuba to gain control of all it's exports and make them all slaves. The rebellion caused by the U.S. was defeted, but it didn't end there the U.S. kept sending small waves of soldiers from Florida to Cuba, after those failed too, the U.S. offered many times to buy Cuba from Spain, but Spain eventually decided to give complete controll to the Cubans. While some Spanish troops stayed, the U.S. sent a battle ship to Havana, this is where another consiracy theory kicks in and the Spanish-American war starts, the battleship mysteriously blew up, there were no Spanish ships around, plus the battleship was away from shore at the time, but none the less it blew up and the U.S. blamed Spain and they quickly sent ships to Cuba. Spain was forced to finally leave Cuba for good and Cuba was then under U.S. controll. Congress was split down the middle at this time to annex Cuba or to allow it's government to continue to rule. After establishing a few buisness to control some of the exports the U.S. placed Cuba under a type of trial annex period, but after a few years the U.S. gave complete control back to it's government.

    Philippines; After the Spanish-American war the U.S. took control, established buisnesses to take over exports, and ruled the philippines for about 50 years. They were about to get their independance when WWII started, Japan landed on the Philippines, this is the first and last time an enemy has set foot on U.S. soil by the way.

    History repeats itself;
    I beileve that Sadam needed to be takin out of power, but I don't agree with the way it was done. I think it was a haux that he had WOMDs and that there was an alterior motive. What happens if Iraq finally establishes a government that can run on it's own without "insergants"? The U.S. WILL establish a more permanant base, and why is that? Because Iraq is right next to Iran, after the problems in Iraq end there will eventually be conflict with Iran, the footwork is only beginning.

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    Re: The government

    you are worng in some parts. spain lost contorl of cuba druing the spanish-American war and the US onlt tried once to take control of cuba. druing that time the USA didnt care for taking over other countrys. THE USA got every country out of South and north America.

    And see yes the japs got the philippines but the japs also got some of the island in Alaska. so you are worng about the philippines being the last time the USA was invade

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