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Thread: Harmful Attention Seeking: Cutting

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    Re: Harmful Attention Seeking: Cutting

    Cutting yourself is something that I can't understand either, even thou I dress-up like goth
    and so on, I still don't cut my wrists. Human mind is so complex that it is hard to
    understand why people do that to themselfs. Trying to kill yourself is one thing, but
    for the "most" of cases I have seen the cuts are just shallow and "wrong" direction just
    implying that they are done just to cause some pain and for seeking attention.
    Some people enjoy the pain and thrill but getting that by cutting yourself ain't
    something that I would think as normal.
    So my personal opinion is that if you like thrill and pain try martial arts or
    some extreme sports, and keep that knife in the drawer.

    Love hurts...trust me I know, I really do...

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    Re: Harmful Attention Seeking: Cutting

    Cutting has become part of the "bad things are cool" fad. If people don't want you to do it then you should do it often. I have a few friends who have done it but they don't do it as often. Why? Because it doesn't help. Its no longer about getting attention anymore. Its more about doing something that people don't want you too. Its like taking drugs or drinking too much. I can also see why it started though. Sometimes you get stuck in this boring routine and life becomes so dull you just wish something would happen to stop all of it. So they cut themselves in order to cause a raise of emotions. The rush of coming close to death is what they want. Dangerous sports don't have the same rush as dying slowly in a pool of your own blood alone. But cutters today think its cool to have tracks all over their arms and legs and show it off to friends like a new haircut. Once something more dangerous appears it will die down.

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    Re: Harmful Attention Seeking: Cutting

    It's a form of desperation on that persons part. When they feel that they can't control their life or are backed in to a corner that they can't get out of they do that as a form of release/control. It's really no different than drinking or doing drugs when you feel that you can't deal with the problems at hand. The pain gives them something to focus on instead of what's really bothering them. Yes, it is a bad way to try and get attention. But most true cutters won't let most see what's happening or that they are even doing it. The ones that do are only doing it to get attention for the most part or it is a cry for help. Either way it's a form of self punishment that can lead to more serious things.

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    Re: Harmful Attention Seeking: Cutting

    For me: I hate that attitude in people!
    it is lame to hurt oneself to get some attention... I mean what the heck?!?!
    with that instead of attention one is getting the pitty of people... hummm actually I take that as lame as the people (mostly women) who cry just because they want attention and the people around them hugging them. For Crying Out Loud!!! if u want a hug ASK for it but don't do lame and stupid stuff...
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    Re: Harmful Attention Seeking: Cutting

    To be quite honest, I don't see the point.

    Cutting because your depressed and cutting simply for attention are pretty much one in the same. If you're depressed and you're cutting yourself, you either really suck at killing yourself or you're trying to send out some kind of message. If you're cutting to be "cool", not only are you stupid--in my own opinion--but you're still seeking attention. Either way, you're either trying to gain something out of it.

    We don't give people hi-fives for being jack asses to the general public, we don't pat crack heads on the back for stayin' up on their habits; so why should a cutter get that type of recognition? I've known a couple/few cutters and they've all cut themselves, not to be cool, not to show off; but because they thought it would "fix" their problems. It's no better than doin' it to be cool, but doin' it for the latter reason is plain absurd.

    "Yeah, I stab people to be cool," sounds about the same as, "Yeah, I cut myself to fit in," to me.

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