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Recently I found some information about a close friend that they never told me about and I felt a little crushed that they kept things from me. of course I don't want to confront my friend as its intrusive.The way I found out was through a friend who always seems to tell me things about my friends past. It does annoy me that they keep telling me things but also hurt that my friend didn't tell me.

My question to you is should we really pry into others business and if they don't wish to tell us then its their choice or should we know everything about our friends??
it's always better to err on the side of caution; in case one runs into a serial killer, (i hate when other people finish my coco puffs ). although something like being abused, drug problems, hell even being poor, these things are tough 2 open up about. sooner or later they'll talk about it if they want 2 that is.