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Thread: High school dropouts

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    Re: High school dropouts

    Sometimes school doesn't make sense in that they teach u things that u have no use for in life. Your teachers want u 2 follow in their footsteps learning the pythagorum theorum as you stare out of the window yearning for freedom. Folks say stay in school so u won't b an idiot and make lots of money. But the real reason to stay in school is to improve the quality of your life. See your counselor and only take classes that will get you ahead in life. Develop good repetoire with your teachers and think about what you would like to be doing 5 years from now. Never too late to plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Not all careers require a high degree main thing is that you r happy. I'd rather c u happy driving a UPS van than miserable as a CEO of a fortune 500 company shuffling papers in a cubicle. There's that drive to succeed to prove yourself but don't get burnt out. Travel, make friends, learn technology, network, surround yourself with influential people and mainly b true to yourself.

    People drop out because they are burned out and too pressured to get straight As without knowing why. ??? To please their teachers, to please their parents at the same time losing sight of themselves. Part of growing up means pursuing dreams besides of objections to learn to think for yourself. The system is not perfect.... Elvis got an F in music, Einstein got a D in math, Disney got called unimaginative, sometimes teachers are boring and incompetent, there are many reasons to drop out of school. Mainly what keeps people in school is to realize its worth for yourself in that it offers advantages not because you are told to stay in school. Teachers teach but what you have to offer is leadership - that can't be taught in any school and take control of your life. The key to getting motivated and enthusiastic is to not work for school but let school work for you. Have bold dreams and keep believing in them. Don't lose faith in school spirit and choose your friends wisely. Imagination is more important than knowledge ( my high school quote from Einstein) Stay the course 4 future perfect planning and where the rubber meets the road (Patrick Combs motivation speech) go high Octain.

    People who lose fuel have no dreams or ambition so quit before even get started. So have a vision 4 yourself despite all the negativity and believe in yourself. Maybe youll inspire others to stay in school to chase your favorite dreams too. Good luck.

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    Re: High school dropouts

    Oh well I'm high school graduate & for me if you dropped out from high school then you better look for something else to do! I think going to vocational school is good, anyway, I guess you have many high school dropouts for many reasons including what you've just mentioned before & those other reasons which our AO fellows just mentioned

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    Re: High school dropouts

    As a high school drop out... YES I SAID IT.

    Remember those years I was very active on AO? Yea that! Yea I was doing nothing. XD I had dropped out.

    I tend to not get personal but this hit me in the right spot

    I'd say the reason they do it, is really simple. They're Bored.

    XD b-but that's not a good thing. Not everyones story turns out great like mine. I went to trade school, and got into university. =P Like I said, not everyones story turns out like mine!

    I'm A Lucky Bass and I know that !!!

    But I had full on support. My mother didn't really care that I Dropped out [secertly I think she did] , and we kept it hidden from my father for like two years. If he would have found out. GAH! I wouldn't be here right now. Since school is so important in his family.

    "My Story"

    So! I still got my High School, and a GED for flavor. It was a bet you see. Cause it's a known fact that many high school grads can't pass the GED. So I wonder if I could, and I did. XD Then we got our High school D.

    Long story stort~!

    If you believe you have something else in mind that will help you for the future, and I am not talking about some 20.00 bucks a hour Job here, I am talking about leading you even higher then that. Then do so.

    Don't be foolish, and even thou sitting around and doing nothing is fun, it then becomes boring and sad, and then nothing to do really.

    My friend Dropped out and she's now a Nurse. o_O So whatever floats. It all comes down to the person if you ask me. Some people just don't amount to anything and will always be working those 11.00 jobs, living off each Check... no offence. But things cost a lot up here.

    Stay true to yourself! And You better love yourself, and treat yourself out sometimes.

    Like they say its all work after High School.
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    Re: High school dropouts

    I tried to drop out for personal reasons. But everyone was on my case, and I mean everyone. My principals, my now fiance and his family, my family, and my friends. I am supposed to be one of the smarter ones that go to college they said. Though as soon as I stopped going to school, I already had it set up to where I was going to take the test for me G.E.D. They offered me a chance to get my high school deploma, and I took it, knowing I'd regret it if I didn't. I already had some college credits as it was so...

    My brother was a drop out but also got his G.E.D, as did my mother, and as might my sis. My father isn't from the U.S. and does not have anything. All of them in which have a hard time finding jobs other than factories and fast food, exception being my sis cuz she not old enough to be on her own.

    I usually don't tell people they screwed up when they drop out, but some people I know where just dumb. One had a few months left and she dropped. I told her she was stupid, and her reply was oh well...

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    Re: High school dropouts

    i dont see the point in dropping out anymore. Many jobs even as few of them as there are rarley taking anyone with out a diploma or in the process of getting one, or GED. it really screws things up in the end because of it, many of the jobs are now asking for college degrees as well, or skills that you learn from school.

    but school is the starting point that makes you a good employee later on in life, because of all the dumb rules they have, and the classes they make you take for your carrer path. Even if its a D student they have a better shot at making it into a better job later in life than a drop out does. Even with a GED its hard to get into a college, even community colleges are more likley to accept a deploma.

    many of the people at my school drop out and rarley have back up plans for later if they get a GED. Only three of the ten that droped in my graduated class are in college and making theirs money worth at above minimum wage at twenty or more an hr. The other seven have at least two kids each working two jobs to support themselves, kids, and living arrangements. They all wished they had stayed in school, got a diploma and gotten a better chance for a better life.

    So between getting through four years and a extra semester of highschool i know i made a better chance for my life than alot of kids. Life now just requires that time you put into school, your grades, and carrer.

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    Re: High school dropouts

    depending on what you class as a "drop-out" I am kinda one. I left high school after my GCSE ( UK ) levels and passed them but then I left and didn't do any highers so I left school at the age of 16. Sometimes when I look back I wish I had stayed on and done highers.

    Why did I leave? Because I was basically bored with education and was in some rush to get to the "outside" world and get a job and lots of money and such. ( BIG MISTAKE )

    I'm now unemployed at the age of 20 ( almost 21 ), I've had a total of 4 different jobs, each lasting no longer than 6 months.

    and in a time of economic crisis there's lack of jobs now and those jobs that are available go to those people who stayed at school.

    So basically if anyone is reading this and wants to "drop-out" of high school, then DON'T. Just stick through everything school has and if you do I can almost guarantee you will end up in a better job with a better life.

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    Re: High school dropouts

    seriously i think its because of them just being lazy seriously video games would most likely not make kids drop out if it does thats on them and if they have bad grades they need to work of that join a study group if you're worried and bullies learn to fight kick their ass and be done with them wow just solved all the problems right there

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