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Thread: Hilary Clinton or Barrack Obama?

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    Re: Hilary Clinton or Barrack Obama?

    Well I am like this... Anyone is better than Bush!!! I know if he can run again he will cheat his away into office like before... <Now that's gangsta'/ghetto>

    I agree times are getting worst & hopefully they will get better... Either out of the two people who I hope one of them wins... Even if Obama was white & Hillary was a man I will still say they are two of our best options for presidency... Yea' we can say that all presidents are out for themselves & not the country, but that's because mass majority of the presidents was in it for themselves (and didn't know how to run the office & our country) & the ones who tried to improve & benefit America/foreign nations' needs the bad out weighed the good... <Bill Clinton, FDR, Lincoln, JFK & a few more>...

    Both Hillary & Obama speaks well, has great ambition/determination, has realistics goals & strategy plans to obtain some of them goals... Might not be the greatest plan for some, but it's a plan... More than I can say for the Bush Administation... <Their idea was to go head 1st w/ no helmet> ^_^ lol...

    Now the only downside to the both of them are some of their greatest qualities like the ambition & determination... Will it get them more than a few of empty promises or will they bite off more than they can chew.?. Other than that I am all for the both of them either or I think I will be happy cause with one of them we look like we are pointed in the right direction...

    But to answer the question I think I am with Hillary for right now cause after I saw some of the Demorcratic debate Hillary seemed more put together... <Not knocking off Obama either he did the damn thing also, but some of the things he said was more like for the ppl's ears than what he truly wanted/should of said> But maybe cause he does have to go the extra mile to get ppl to even consider him/ not saying Hillary doesn't either...

    We will just have to see in '08 cause these are my two canindates I have competing towards each other that I am even considering voting for... Unless the other canindates say they can lay gold bricks from their behinds & are talking about sharing the wealth... < Of course they would have to show me cause everyone knows politics lies> even then I don't know cause that could be a sign of the end as we know it... Talking bout' politics sharing their wealth... ^_^ lol
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