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Thread: Home Schooling or Public Schooling: Which is the Most Beneficial?

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    Re: Home Schooling or Public Schooling: Which is the Most Beneficial?

    Speakin' from personal experience, for I was in public schools 'til high school; then I was home schooled, I'd haveta agree wit Tsurara on this one. If a child is ta b home schooled, though, it should b when that child is of advanced years in schoolin' (let's say around 9th or 10th grade). Then home schoolin' would b a viable option, but only; like Tsurara said; if the child is allowed ta participate in outside social activities. Otherwise the child could suffer socially and that could have ramifications not only in his or her social life, but also when tryin' ta get a job, a promotion, or other aspects related ta some form of interaction wit other ppl. It actually took my sister ta break me outta my shell when I was in collage and that's how I was able ta make so many friends and participate in many activities in collage. I not gonna say that home schoolin' caused my shyness, in truth it had existed prior ta that, but it probably contributed ta many of my problems. Home schoolin' should only b done wit conditions, so that children that r home schooled r less likely ta become socially inept.

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    Re: Home Schooling or Public Schooling: Which is the Most Beneficial?

    Why not a combination of the two? First half of one's education publicly schooled, for social development, and then perhaps the other half just home schooling, for more academic and comprehension development? That's what I went through.

    To me, it depends on the family and the situation they're in. If their child is the kind of person who has mental disorders that make them over-competitive and suicidal when three people get a higher grade than they do on certain tests, then I say, go for homeschooling. But if a child evidently needs someone to relate to, a peer, fellow pal or buddy to annoy the heck out of, offer caramel-filled chocolate, and perhaps more people outside the immediate gene pool to invite for slumber parties, and substitutes such people with cardboard skeletons named Konrad that they cut out themselves, then go for public schooling. And vice versa...

    With public schooling, one can still get one-one-one education. It's called tutoring. I'm not sure how many schools offer peer-to-peer tutoring, or counselor-to-pupil, etc. but it's still possible. And students who are homeschooled can have a social life. It's not like a homeschooled child is locked up in their home all day. Infact, I had more freetime when I was homeschooled. More freetime to go to parties, parks, play with my fellow neighbor kids, tutor my fellow neighbor kids, etc.
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    Re: Home Schooling or Public Schooling: Which is the Most Beneficial?

    The problem is that one generally chooses ones friends. In reality, it's not always so easy to pick and choose the people you need to deal with in your life.

    Home schooling allows for easy control of the influences, ideas and personalities in your childrens' lives... making it incredibly easy to intentionally or accidentally shelter them completely from the experience of personal conflict, ideological challenges, and social hardship.

    Every bully you come across is a lesson in the nastier bits of human nature... every group you didn't really want: a lesson in conflict management. In a public school setting: kids can't always choose their peers and their influences. They need to deal with all kinds of people, ideas and problems.

    And as unpleasant as kids might find the idea of those encounters now... they are all learning experiences.

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    Re: Home Schooling or Public Schooling: Which is the Most Beneficial?

    It depends entirely upon the child and where they live. In my experience the "social aspect" of homeschooling is simply not an issue. Home schooled children tend to get a lot more work done in much less time and generally end up spending more time socializing not less. So really all that you need to be concerned with is the quality of the education. Some children just don't learn best from their parents while others do. There is actually a "private school" option found in many places where the school only teaches a half day in the more specialized studies and the parents teach the other half in the more standard subjects. Testing is usually based on the GED and ACT. It tends to work well all around.

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