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Thread: Homosexuality

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    Re: Homosexuality

    Quote Originally Posted by XxTwilightLullabyxX View Post
    I honestly think that love is love no matter the gender, race, and preference. I am bisexual, and personally I see nothing wrong with homosexuality. I tell those who are against it that they are just jealous that they don't get the best of both worlds.

    Also, I think that being Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender is a choice, not the way you were born.
    well i agree with you except i really don't believe its a choice. I've tried to be gay, and i cannot be gay. I tried, i chose to be, well, im straight.
    Utena has tried to be straight, she is gay.
    its like saying, im now choosing to be black. i can't choose, because im white.
    i know it sounds weird to be born gay, but Utena (she's my cousin) has stated to me she has had gay thoughts from a very young age. im talking about since she can remember.

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    Re: Homosexuality

    I don't think that someone's born being gay. Choice might've been the wrong word ... It is just something you find out about yourself. It is the same with everything else. To state a rather stupid example: In early childhood I detested cheese, I really hated it. However taste is changing, isn't it? So nowadays, I like cheese a lot. Not every kind of cheese to be honest but still, I like it. (:
    And I think it's about the same with being gay/straight or whatever. It is just something you find out. Like taste. I don't think that someone is born hating cheese. At least I do not want to think so. That way, life would be pretty boring, without being able to discover the things you like/dislike.
    I heard that many people change their sexual orientation even in later life ... They simply discover that they like the other sex more/too. It just depends when and if you really realize that.
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    Re: Homosexuality

    Quote Originally Posted by Mao View Post
    I would like further enlightenment. So I understand from that statement no one has the right to counsel you what is right or wrong in all matters, therefore?
    just like the golden rule sir do unto others what you want them to do unto you. If you dont want others to judge you because you choose to be gay or not. The only one who has the right to pass judegment is God.

    There is nothing wrong with being gay or bi or whatever you are as long as you are a productive member of society.
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    Re: Homosexuality

    To me there is absolutly nothing wrong with homosexuality. I am bi but I like girls more then I do boys. What I dont get is what gives people the right to come up to a person whoever they may be and call them an abomination right to their face or tell them that they are going to hell. No body has the right to judge others based only on what they see. Look past what you see and judge on personality, not sexuality. Humans do not have and never will have the right to pass judgement on other humans, the only one who does is God
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    Re: Homosexuality

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