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This isn't what you're talking about. But lots of human beings are surviving with deformities and illnesses when in the past they would have died off or be killed forcibly. An example I could think of is someone with a severe skin disorder surviving into adult hood when they would have died as a young child. Or a child born with a genetic defect that would be mistaken as a troll or a monster and killed.
"Modern Medical Science keeps people alive long after they've lost what made them human" - Dr.Perry Cox from Scrubs.

I don't know. I think it is getting to a point where, despite my views on the issue from a moral standpoint, we need to start genetically altering our children so that we can actually have a decent civilization.

Perhaps it doesn't need to be drastic now, but as was said in the original post, stupid people, or lower class people, or people with uncurable diseases (read: Africa and AIDS), are the ones procreating, because sex is one of the few pleasureable things that they have available to them.

Solution: Genocide!

Perhaps not, but I definitely wouldn't mind a limit on the number of children a family can have in America. Nothing as drastic as China, but maybe after you have three children, impose a heavy tax. We could use genetic testing to find the fathers and actually have them be accountable for their actions should they bolt (Accountability? In the modern world? Blasphemy!).

Maybe actually encourage people in excellent physical or mental status to donate sperm or eggs, so that families with an infertile partner can not only have a child, but have a child that will actually probably grow up to be quite healthy. I hate to be pragmatic, but if I spend 10,000 dollars on having a child, I don't want him to have a weak heart or down's syndrome.

Now that I have suitably stirred the sh*t, I'll sit back and see what people have to say.