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Thread: Immigration and Healthcare

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    Immigration and Healthcare

    We have many people in the United States that can't hold legal jobs, therefore can not be taxed. That is because they are living in the country illegally. But however they cannot be deported. Since they have had children here their children are U.S citizens and being realistic administrators are not going to break up a family. Obama says he will ignore this issue until he achieves healthcare reform. But this is going to be a problem for healthcare, since they are uninsured but still treated in emergency rooms, and problematic if reform does happen, since they don't contribute taxes. If socialized healthcare only treated tax paying citizens it would work flawlessly. I say enough is enough. When my people crossed the ocean the "immigrants" were trying to kill us for tresspassing on their land. If they make it across the border white people created they should be allowed to become citizens. This would make them eligable to hold down regular jobs, and contribute to society.

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    Re: Immigration and Healthcare

    Ummm... The kind of healthcare reform Obama is talking about also covers illegals and in fact get a better deal then those who pay taxes by making those who pay taxes pay for the healthcare for the illegals. Also, universal healthcare working flawlessly? Please show where and what time in history has it ever worked flawlessly with out jacking up prices, making Dr's increadably hard to see with out being on a waiting list for nearly a year and rejects, bans, and prohibits certan medical treatment because its to expensive or considered by some bean counter believeing you are not worth spending money on and instead of giving you an option that may treat or at the vearly least leagthen your life they have the power to deny you those options. Not to mention Dr's are told who to see, how to treat a passiont, and so on and so forth by some one in Gov. who has no medical background what so ever. And this is just the tip of the iceburge

    Now before people go off the deep end know that I have family in Europe and Canada, and they ALL ABSOLUTLY HATE the universal healthcare system they have. When ever they need to be treated they come here to the US simply because its a shorter time and less expensive to fly out here and get treated then in their own country. No joke. Example. My aunt went to viset family in Europe, they were having fun playing around a lake. My aunt jumps off a small ledge and dives into the water, unfortunetly she hits her head on a submerged rock. Our family quickly rush her to the hospitel and demand that they see a Dr. right away, they said they will see her in 9 months to a year to have her looked at. My aunt was in agonising pain she could hardly walk or stand up and had a tough time breathing. After going all over Europe and looking for a Dr to treat her she constantly was told the same thing. It was only by going to the US embacy there and demanded to be seen was she looked at. They examened her which she said was pitifal and crappy as they ignored what she was telling them, saying that they must fallow a strict protical set forth by their Gov. and any diverson of this protical they would be in real trouble. In the end they say nothing to worry about and gave her pain medication. When she flew back to the US she was still in great pain and the pain killers didnt do shit. So she sees her Dr. Guess what he found out? My aunt had a broken neck, her Dr was stunned and amazed that she was able to move at all, hell, still alive for that matter. We had our family in Europe track down as to the reason why they lied to her and denied her the treatment she needed, they found it, the document staited that treating my aunts neck injury was cost ineffective... WOOPY FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE THAT NEARLY KILLED MY AUNT!!

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