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Thread: Interracial relationships

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    Re: Interracial relationships

    it shouldnt really matter what race your from, especially since alot of people think that we have come from one man and woman. Skin is skin and interbreading has gone on a long time no matter what anyone says. thats cannot be controled since its been going for as long as slavery was around, which the master of the house generally fathered children from their slaves. When other countries invaded another, men would rape women after or during the raids. everyone in their family history has had an ansestor that has come from a different race and religion either through invading, slavery, or marriage.

    People only make a big deal over it because it has something to do with ruining your blood and culture more than your skin. when it shouldnt matter anymore than it should have back then.
    for me its like inbreeding, i think its better to bring different blood and tone into your line which makes it stronger against everything that can affect the human body. if you just stick to the same type of line it makes it weaker and can do more harm than good for the offspring cant protect itself from different things that other cultures are immune to.
    look at the ruling kings of old from england to spain, they wanted to keep it in the family. so they all were married to cousins to keep the thrones. One offspring had that cutting problem where when he bled, it kept bleeding, it couldnt clot itself, so they had to keep a doctor in the castle at all times for when he did cut himself they would at least be able to hopefully stop it and he wouldnt die.

    theres still plenty of rasicts out their that think that other cultures are out there to take down the white culture, or something like that and their always will be because most of the time their raised like that, or introduced into that enviroment that brainwashes them.

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    Re: Interracial relationships

    Quote Originally Posted by princesslady View Post
    Im confuzzled (confused and puzzled mixed together. I like making up words)

    I was having an interesting conversation with my cousin Jessica and her friend, Tenisha. Jessica is married to an Asian man, he's Korean, but Tanisha refuses STRONGLY to date outside her race because she has this theory that with each bi-racial child, our race is steadily deteriorating. Jessica, of course refutes this strongly because she is in an interacial relationship herself. They both had good arguments but it left me wondering. I look at guys of all races, but I do get a sense of that I am betraying my race when I look at a Hispanic man and not his black friend. I dont know how to respond to the dying race thing, but it...sorta makes sense...but then again it seems dumb. I mean, take chocolate milk for example.

    Black syrup mixed with white milk makes a creamy soft chocolate look....add more chocolate....u get darker milk.....more milk....less color. With each addition, you lose an ounce of "originality", though you know its there; but over time, you will either have more milk than chocolate or syrup than milk

    I'm confused.

    Okay, I understand where your friend is coming from but interracial dating is in my opinion perfectly fine. I happen to be biracial[Black & white] so maybe I am biased but that really doesnt matter. Being biracial instills a sort of pride in you that you could otherwise never have regarding nationality, Heritage and family traditions. I am Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, Native American and African. I have had the so-called Advantage of growing up in a predominately white neighborhood but the understanding of what it is like to be poor. I have seen racisum at it's worst and therefore am greatful to have been able to acctually see things from both sides, have both sets of steriotypes thrown in my face. What I have gotten from my 16 on this planet is that a humanbeing is just that; human. I don't think it's right to look at each other as anything but that.

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    Re: Interracial relationships

    As so many of you already wrote it previously, I'll keep it short: Race doesn't mean anything. I like asian/japanese girls, so what? It's just to 'categorize' according to certain physical appearances or traits ... Therefore it doesn't matter at all whom you want to start a relationship with. Neither the colour of your skin nor anything else. Go as you like. =)
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