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Thread: Labeling [Stereotypicalizing]

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    Question Labeling [Stereotypicalizing]

    Well since the world is a popularity contest...I made this
    what are your views on "Labels"

    To tell you the truth I feel I should Label myself before I get a WAY more drastic label and something inappropriate.
    Not saying I'm all for labeling, but either way you are labeled.
    the ONLY thing that gets on my nerves are the VERY Stereotypical labels and the flat out mainstream labels.

    for example:
    "Goth" / "Gothic"
    I hear that every day at my school. Hell I'm called Goth ALL the time.
    I feel this is a VERY VERY Mainstream label now!
    I mean EVERYONE is using it!!
    and "Emo"...Okay I really don't mind it too much but when EVERY other word that comes outta your mouth is "Emo" I just want to hurt you! oh my god!

    but yeah....
    What are your views?
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    Re: Labeling [Stereotypicalizing]

    There's already a thread on this topic:

    being branded

    Please post your opinion there.

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