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Thread: "Legal" highs

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    Re: "Legal" highs

    If salvia is legal in your state then i would just go with that, i know alot of people who enjoy salvia more then anyother drug. i personally have never tried it.... yet i figure i should wait till i move out to try hallusionagins (sp?) Lol i totally slaughterd that word xD
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    Re: "Legal" highs

    I think that using any drugs for anything other than strict medical use is just stupid. You're paying money to damage yourself temporarily and/or permanently. I don't get it, but then again, I'm not a huge fan of being intentionally counterproductive.

    I don't get the "Why not try it once?" argument, either. Even if it isn't addictive. I could pay someone to chop my left hand off. I wouldn't want to do it again, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have done it in the first place. Of course, drugs aren't nearly that harmful with one use, but they still are harmful.

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    Re: "Legal" highs

    Lol, it's so typical of any person against (anything) to make a dramatic comparison. It's like breaking your dog's arm when he digs up your front yard, in my humble opinion. Nice follow up though :P

    Drugs are illegal because they cause negative effects to the body, but they also give something back as well. While their little gift isn't quite as politically correct as any prescription drug they work in generally the same way, they're even produced in the same manner.

    However, substances that are already legal yet not designed to be ingested or otherwise used should be kept away from people as there are many idiots out there looking for a cheap high. If you see a dollar on the ground, you'll definitely try to pick it up.. unless you're already stinking rich. If that's the case you probably just finished talking to the buster over at the corner.

    Salvia is legal in Canada and can be purchased at any head shop and some pharmacies I believe. I've also heard that there are many positive benefits of smoking it in small quantities over a period of years. Though I'll never try it, I don't think I'd be able to handle myself afterward considering reality would probably be a little off kilter all the time xD

    I enjoy smoking weed, at risk to my own health, I know it's illegal and I also know that prolonged use of marijuana can and most likely will alter my perception and mental wellness. That's my business and until it's completely outlawed it will continue to be my and any other users business, well and the government's. It's a preference, just like religion.

    If it ever becomes legal than there will only ever be one reason: profit. It will be government regulated and distributed either through pharmacies or sold in stores with similar restrictions as cigarette's. Or I could be wrong, who knows. I'd hate to see the government get control of the (illegal) drug industry as well. They have so much power already that they don't need to listen to their citizens anymore, all they need to do is give orders and smile pretty.

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    Re: "Legal" highs

    Nice to hear that here are other people that like smoking psycoactive things =^,^=
    i have just tried hash once, but i have never tried weed.
    But i enjoy smoking things that gives a simular effection^^
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    Re: "Legal" highs

    most of the herbal incense or spice do get you high but are over priced . just buy 8th of kush for the same price

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