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Thread: Lemuria

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    For many years now I have been interested at Man’s origin, specifically where Man first came into existence. Putting aside Creation, or Evolution, or whatever you want to believe, I ask: Where do you believe that man first looked on this world?

    Of all locations that are thought to be Mankind’s birthplace, Lemuria sounds the most plausible to me for a couple reasons. First of all, whether you believe Creation or Evolution there is an excellent explanation as to why the continent no longer exists; for Creation it would be the land known as Eden spoken of in the Bible—more descriptively spoken though in John Milton’s Paradise Lost—or if Evolution is more your piece of pie, than plate tectonics constantly moving around is your answer.

    Secondly notice that around the supposed Lemuria Island from Madagascar to the surrounding islands there have been evidence that lemurs once lived, or still do. Because of the creatures, that is how this island got its name.

    I first got interested with Lemuria while playing the Visual Novel “Ever17: The Out of Infinity” and they mentioned that the structure the game is played in was based off this very island. Further knowledge can be found in the two links below:

    Lemuria, The Land of MU, Ancient Civilizations Explored, BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio , Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center, Mary Sutherland
    Lemuria (continent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Now I ask you, do you believe this island to exist? Could it be the birthplace of all Mankind? Whatever your believe, why do you support your answer?

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    Re: Lemuria

    It very well could be where mankind originated.. However, the possiblities of that is very slim. If they originated on an island they would have had to found a way to get off that island to be able to spread across the world... I'm not saying that i don't believe it but i'm not saying i do. I don't know how this world came about and i don't think i'll ever know but i do know that everyone has their own opinion on how this world came about... wether it be how the bible says (which in my opinion has holes) or the theroy of evolution (which i highly doubt is correct) or this Lemuria place... We had to of come from somewhere and to be honest this seems more logical... But hey.. thats just me. ^^ If this island does exist it could have been re-named, apart of something else, or underwater.. If it's fact or fiction.. well ... the world may never know..
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    Re: Lemuria

    Geological records going back thousands upon thousands of years in human history shows that Humans originated in Africa. The precise location is unknown how ever, but at the time Humans were migratory creatures and spread into the middle east in an area we know now as Iraq, the birth place of Human civilization which every one or at least most people know that this first civilization was named Mesopotamia. But thousands of years before Mesopotamia came around; Humans were still spreading, into Europe and to Asia. At this time or so was the ice age or the beginning of it any way, I cant remember, but there was a land bridge connecting Russia and Alaska where these Humans continued to span into what will be one day be the new world. How ever some didn’t take the land bridge, instead they crossed over from China to Japan, then the Philippines and all those Islands.

    This is the trail of Humans and how they spread in a nut shell.
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