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Thread: Lies? (Media and Famous People)

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    Lies? (Media and Famous People)

    I feel like most of the famous people we know are just lying to get attention, like children do when they want to impress someone! What do you think is up, do you believe everything the media says, or am I just paranoid?
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    Re: Lies? (Media and Famous People)

    Nobody should believe everything ANYONE says.

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    Re: Lies? (Media and Famous People)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    Nobody should believe everything ANYONE says.
    I agree, only belive in that source if they have facts that back them up. If they have a lot of facts backing them up, then believe them. But always keep a watchful eye out because all those facts could be what those people believe and not the truth. The best thing to do is only believe in what you see for yourself.

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    Re: Lies? (Media and Famous People)

    As a great doctor once said, "Everybody lies." But not all the time, of course.

    But besides wanting to get some publicity, another reason could be to save face. "Oops, I was drunk when I said that." Or, "Gee, my bad, it's just another case of indigestion." Or, "I wasn't myself when I said that, I didn't get some sleep last night."

    As for the media, well, it's likely that they want to sugarcoat the truth to make people want to see things their way, or to keep the godawful truth from rearing its ugly head.

    But not all the time.

    So you're not paranoid, just suspicious. Some suspicion is healthy.
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