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Thread: Loose Change

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    Loose Change

    Has anyone seen this documentary called Loose Change?

    It is about how 9/11 was planned by our goverment and had nothing to do with Iran or Iraq. It dates back to early 1980's, planning to bring down the WTC buildings, because of the gold that was underneath them. And how there were bombs planted in the buildings to bring them down. These buildings were created to withstand hurricanes to yes planes crashing into them. The firefighters even know that this was a demolition, plane fuel could not melt the metal, they were in that building, they know what they heard and saw. I can't even begin to explain how blind we were and are to what happend and how we fell for it. There was no plane that crashed into the pentagon. They never found anything but a small piece that is too small to have been part of one of the commercial flights. And the hole was not made by a plane, and there were no bodies. Same with flight 93, no plane, no bodies, no blood, just a hole in the ground. Cell phone calls made to family members from the plane that couldn't have taken place at the altitude in that year. Where did these flights go? To Ohio, where the passengers were evacuated into NASA. Where are the passengers...??? etc etc

    Do you think that we are responsible for our own terrorism?

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    Re: Loose Change

    Could you post this in our active 9/11 thread?
    The topics are related.

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