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Thread: media causes.....

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    Re: media causes.....

    anime_8000, you practically proved bloody's point. You are SO original. [/endsarcasm]

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    Re: media causes.....

    Quote Originally Posted by firefly_HotaruChan
    We recently discussed this in school. They were claiming the media is the biggest factor in teenage crime/pregnancy/drug abuse/sucide in the US today.

    Do you agree with this?(
    Hmm...I believe crime starts by the emotional weaknesses and most beccomes cautious when your an infant. Then later on you will put yourself out on how you feel about life or how you've been raised. As for media being put in the picture, you start linking into entertainment because it broadens curiosity, facts, explosions, drama & etc...this is where it starts out by the parents too. The way they talk & think about life...and how they direct their childrens...so it's about you. And how you've been taught i guess..so instead of talking this out for years and years...why can't people discuss ways to improve self confidence and think other positive enforcements about entertainment while it tries to get it's points across. But that's my view.


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    Re: media causes.....

    I'm with Dark and firefly_HataruChan. With a teen, it is their overall decisions in some cases (i.e. the Columbine shooters, who said on tape that the games they played didn't influence them), and in other cases, it is their decision, but they were influenced (i.e. the younger of the two Sniper shooters from a few years back in the US, who was a teen at the time, but who's father manipulated him at a young age) because yes, teens are impressionable. Maybe not as much as kids younger than them, but they are. Adults are as well.

    When you think about it... teens aren't given as much leeway as younger children, with the 'impressionable' thing because they should know what's the right and wrong decision to go with after experiencing that something that gave them an impression. Same for Adults. But that doesn't mean they always do make the right decision...

    I don't think it's always the bad media that influences people to wrong things either. I've gotta think about this a little more, but I'm gonna leave an example of 'nonbad' media that can lead to a 'good' impression that kids, teens, and adults can all get, but can lead to a 'bad' choice. And instead of the usual video game/movie comparision I'm going to use something simple - ice skating.

    Watching the figure skating part of the Olympics makes such an impression on a 15 year old person that they now want to start skating themselves. Now for this person, who happens to have two left feet, and knows they are horribly clumsy, a good decision may be to learn step by step with rollerskates or taking lessons, while a bad decision could be buying a pair of skates and trying them out on a random seemingly frozen pond with a friend.
    And then a result of the bad decision is one or both of the people can be killed by falling through the ice.
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