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Thread: Mercy or Progress?

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    Mercy or Progress?

    alright, i just made a poem n this though came to me.

    if a chimera was made by scientists with full government backings.. and it was made successfully and served it purpose well /but/ was in constant agony, would you kill it?

    that is, this being performed its encoded task with efficiency and at a higher rate than any human or machine could ever muster. but still despised its very existence and that of its creators.

    /think what you will of me yall/ i wouldnt kill it.

    /think i'm black inside?/ i allow for it to live only to serve its purpose. science is a tool of betterment (though morally grotesque) and making such a creature is a testament to that. it was made to serve humans and not be treated as one, therefore its /feelings/ are no matter.

    genetic engineering is an almost forbidden science because many feel it is playing god, all who think this way are pretentious. whats a livestock farm? or a penitentiary? acts of god carried out by us, humans. as would be /messing/ with genes.

    so, the question once more. if a being was made for a purpose and fulfilled it wonderfully but was in constance pain or agony, would you kill it or allow for it to live?
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    Re: Mercy or Progress?

    O.o kill it of course. Only... I could never do it because I don't kill even flies...

    And how in the hell could a monster from Greek mythology make our life better?!!!!! Or... what is a chimera if not that? O.o

    Ok, ok... it's MADE, but... come on!!! Serve humanity? We should start helping ourselfes a bit more... We should start caring more about what is happening around us. And we should stop exploiting nature that much and playing with it so much it will have it's revenge sooner or later. Aint chimera a monster? It could easily just kill us off... So could any other creature come out to have "side effects" as genetically moddified beef meat has its side effects.

    God's acts carried out by us? I dunno.. are you sure god would do so much just to help a species witch is slowly destroying his master piece? O.o by brinign in more pain and misery to other creatures?
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    Re: Mercy or Progress?

    i would let it live as well, if it was created to serve humans then thats what it needs to do. Just like humans were created to serve God in my opinion, thats just how i feel about it

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    Re: Mercy or Progress?

    I don't believe it should have been made in the first place. If it were already made and in constant agony, though, I would remove it from society (put it on a deserted island or something) to live out the rest of its days by its own means, give it its dignity.

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    Re: Mercy or Progress?

    Personally, I wouldn't play God; but if I were to be in that situation, I dunno what I'd do. I've never really thought of killing anything (well, maybe once or twice). Look at it like this: If your mom was in constant pain and begged you to put her out of her misery, handed you a gun and said, "pull the trigger." What would you do? It's almost like the same question. >_<

    I dunno, seeing others in misery is something I don't like to deal with, yet killing is unforgivable. Such a conundrum... I'd probably say that I'd kill it. I mean, it was genetically constructed so in a physical sense, it was never human/animal to begin with. It was a test-tube baby--synthetic, if you will. Nothing man-made (outside of the important stuff: computers, buildings, transportation, agricultural tools) has ever brought good to this planet. For example, drugs, guns, uhh... N'Sync, LOL!

    So, I'd probably just kill it and feel better, thinking that I did the world some good and put something out of it's misery at the same time--killing two birds with one stone.

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