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Thread: Moral and peer-preasure

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaam0927 View Post
    In orther to change my mind youll have to show me HARD PROOF of the topic... and even with that there is like a 50% I would change my mind... so I pretty much take my own views on things and if I think I have to change somthing I do it and if I dont it stays like that... so outside components rarely affect my points of view... but I mean every person is different...
    When you comes to change your mind in some topic people can more
    easily resist peer-preasure. But when the moral decicion is new to you,
    you haven't previously formed any kind of state in that matter people attend
    to be more affected by preasure, even you.

    Cos when you made your mind in some matter you collect information about your surroundings and then preasure of public comes in picture.
    When you have stated your mind you attend to keep behind that decicion,
    so you also resist preasure.
    Like when I made up my mind about lesbian/gay relationships I haven't
    changed it even thou alot of people can't stand my liberalic point of view.

    Love hurts...trust me I know, I really do...

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    im affected alot by peer pressure. i think its cuz i want to be accepted by everyone but also cuz it seems most of what teh public thinks is right. there are times where i dont think the same way about things with others so i dont even pay attention to what they say. i guess it all matters on how much u believe the public. its alot eaisier to not follow ur peers when you have no doubts that ur doing something good or what u want then if u have small thoughts that they are the right ones


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    does peer-presure effect my point of views?.. well honestly my morals aren't really effected that much at all. maybe cause with every issue i always deal with it myself, and i when i make my mind up, like morals and stuff, u'll find it very hard to make me quiver in the slightest. i accept other point of veiw of it, like with gay marriages, wars, social issues like drinking, drugs, etc. but to make me change my mind well, i don't think it happens at all but then again i'm not very observant or selfaware with the stuff i do half of the time, so who knows.

    but to put it in a generalisation, does peer-presure affect society in whole in the decisions made morally. my answer would be of course it does. lets see, we like in a democratic society right? so that means the laws that where made (and still being made) is generally in respect with the majority of the society veiws and beliefs (this can also be global pressures). don't get me wrong of course the laws are created for this fact alone. but they are influence by the society in general. well thats my view on it.

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