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Thread: Muslim Head-Coverings

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    Re: Muslim Head-Coverings

    Isn't this show respect to others if they wear those certin type of clothes, in their culture. i say its a part of religion and partly their choice

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    Re: Muslim Head-Coverings

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Now just to play devil's advocate here, most civilized nations have dress code laws that do not allow you to stroll naked in public locations. So how is being forced to wear clothing any different from a moral/religious based dress standard???
    The trouble is that it is a religious law, taken directly from a thousand-year+-old book in which women are decreed inferior to men in just about every way (sort of like the Bible!) and it's being imposed on everyone born into certain societies reguardless of their religious beliefs.

    I wouldn't call that the most "civilized" approach.

    If modesty is such a virtue: cover the men up too. Otherwise: making it a law is bullcrap :<

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    Re: Muslim Head-Coverings

    Being that it is their religion, It doesn't bother me the slightest. They have the right to practice their religion and therefore the right to wear what they want. I have heard of that once the girls got old enough, them choosing it to wear it or not wear it themselves - not to say that there are those who are forced.

    I do have an issue with people forcing children to wear things like that (some would say that it is a form of child abuse), but given the fact that children are raised by parents - should that even be an issue? I mean it's like telling parent how to raise/not to raise their child. Some parents may think it's best to keep and open mind when it comes to religion and children, other may want there child growing up only with the parents religion of choice.

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    Re: Muslim Head-Coverings

    Eh, I understand that, I don't think it's against women thesedays, though to some people... well people see things differently.

    I know Ray (he's muslim) just would see it as another privilegie he has- to be the only person to see his girls hair ^^

    And I know it's not all that important outside muslim countries, my friend in school doesn't wear one and is happy

    I don't like parents forcing too... that's just not right... children should be able to choose theri religion etc.

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    Re: Muslim Head-Coverings

    Well.. since i am a muslim .. lol i must put a say into this matter ,..

    First of all.. we muslims.. and my self.. we look woman.. as something with different status.. higher and should be respected at... covering their body means.. to uphold their greatness, status, and purity... and like Lasura says here...

    just would see it as another privilegie he has
    It would also meant.. the person has the girl fully to him and no one else will see any part of her besides the man..

    To me,..girls that wear this are girls who has high standart... they kept themselves in secret and kept their price "higher" than like what princess lady said.. "hoe" which is very low in standart or anything to the society...i respect them very much... and i feel very sad to see muslim woman.. "degrade" themselves and disregard what has been said in the religion... if you dont want to do whats been said in the religion be on your way and convert to another of your own desire and to your own pleasure as this one don't seem fit and you are nothing but just disgracing other muslims and making fun of their hard work to uphold this religion's purity...

    And about the forcing thingy... well i know this sounds like.. bad to you all... but to muslims we must stop what is bad and not ignore it... ignore when another does bad brings sin to himself... try to stop it and you will be saved from it... and it shows you care for another muslim or person cause you are saving that person from sins... and it is one of parent's duty to save their children from bad things... im not just talking about sins...

    Well they have their rights to choose but as long as they are muslims... i must do what i can and must since i am one of them.. ^^

    (damn i sounded so religious.. o.O)

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    Re: Muslim Head-Coverings

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    Do you find the muslim tradition of head-covering (and in extreme cases, full veiling of the body -- ie. the "burka") to be offensive to women? Do you think it's a symbol of opression or of religious expression? Personally, I love the hijab -- if it is worn BY CHOICE. I AM however, extremely annoyed when parents or governments impose religious choices on their children or people reguardless of their individual beliefs or desires. The hijab should be a choice: not a law (or a household rule)
    Well, I can only assume the most Muslim women wearing hijab choose to wear it because it's part of a religion that they (I assume) have faith in, believe in. And while I agree the Quran (and the Bible) are discriminatory to women—doesn't the Quran say that men are "a degree higher" than women" and that "one man is equivalent to two women" or something like that?—, they (I assume) believe what is written in the Quran... Many people wouldn't recite parts of thousand-or-so-year-old holy texts every day if they didn't believe what was in it.

    And yes, there's oppression and pressure from everyone else to conform, but if Islam was the only religion you were taught —and if it's by your family, the ones closest to you, I'm guessing it's gonna make a larger impact, and I'm assuming that most Muslim teach their children only Islam—, then there's a large chance you'd start believing that you'd have to cover yourself up.

    Discriminatory to women? I think so... And if it's not, there are still some holy texts to point out. A symbol of religious expression? In my opinion, yes, in the cases where it's not forced and the women genuinely believe in Islam. Symbol of oppression? Well, yes... Wearing a hijab shows that you're a woman that your religion expects to be more modest and believes to be inferior to men... And, should it be law? Hah, no way, in my opinion... Seperation of religion and state for me. What someone else's faith is and what they believe to be the road to Salvation is something I don't want to be interfered with. So it shuoldn't be a household rule, either...

    Yeah, there are links in my post. References found via Google after the post was typed up.
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