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Thread: Necrophilia

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    Yes, I know a thread like this was once posted but this is my version, different yet the the same.

    A short essay type thing I wrote for an assignment in English, my teacher made me rewrite it though, she said the topic was to vulgar, humph, vulgar my butt, it's just to true... in my eyes.

    As this may seem redundant, please listen on. In writing this, I wish to raise awareness and define the act of Necrophilia, especially to all the ignorant airheads out there. You know who you are. “EWW! That’s gross and wrong and icky, people who do this stuff are disgusting.” An excerpt from the mind of one of those airheads.

    As most people have heard of others getting funky with a corpse, they may not know the technical name. Engaging in sexual deviance with cemetery folk is called Necrophilia, some fancy Greek name or something.

    Now why the hell would anyone in his or her right mind go and dig up a body for the sole purpose of gettin’ it on? Good question.

    Is it they cannot get with a living person? On the other hand, they might be on a dare. No one knows.

    BEEP! Wrong answer! If you’d have continued reading after “Sex with a corpse” you would know this is much more that that. It is a mental disorder among other things, what? You thought that necrophilia was simply having sex with a corpse, silly airhead, it’s a lot more than that.

    Necrophilia is the attraction a living person feels for a corpse. There really hasn’t been much research on the topic of preventing necrophilia, a bare minimum is known. Such as a) the necrophile is usually male and has a fear of rejection so he seeks out a partner unable to reject him. And b) He, at one point, had a fear of the dead and by reaction transformation turned the fear into desire.

    Again, you know what Necrophilia is, right. You should by now. Would you go out, dig up a departed soul, and go down on them? NO! Well why the hell not? Oh, you’re not insane. I see.

    So now we’re considering your mental state of mind, why aren’t we doing the same for people who actually go out and commit these ‘heinous’ acts punishable by law? Because they are the ones doing it and you're not.

    Shouldn’t we, being completely and in every way sane, help those, the ones who call sick in the head? BEEP! Wrong again.

    We call them freaks and sickos without even thinking about how it affects them. What if they knew they have a problem and they are trying desperately to absolve. Would you still say the same thing if you knew this? Most likely.

    It’s socially different, incorrect, and just plain wrong. Or is it? What am I saying, of course it is. Now is that society speaking or me?

    Generally speaking, its society’s because personal opinion speaking against or for a matter that has already been stated wrong or right do not matter, they have no meaning, no value.

    Yes, that’s right. My opinion does not matter; neither does yours or anyone else’s.

    When views are developed and rules set down, no one except those who matter are allowed to factor in their opinion. Then social conformity kicks in and guess what? Necrophilia is bad, and so is bestiality and cannibalism.

    Why I wonder. Who came up with these laws, why? Who gave then the right to preach upon the world what is good and bad? Was it God, did He go to them in a dream?

    That may be the lie these rules are hiding behind, it may not be,

    “Thou shalt not kill.” Everyone knows the famous guy who said that. This guy wrote the book on what is right and what’s not, so why is there killing? Better yet, why is there war and why the hell don’t they shun it like they do necrophilia?

    Simple, famous people throw their support behind it, speaking ill of enemy troops, and promoting victory. Those speaking of it allow other people to accept war as part of life.

    Question. If there are so many bad things happening in this world, so much evil we need to have war commercials broadcast over our televisions, why aren’t there bombers in the sky and enemy police officers out incarcerating the innocent? BECAUSE!

    Yet people still frown upon necrophilia and turn the other cheek on war, Damn, I love how society works.

    To summarize, consider every aspect of any question relating to anything before forming a personal opinion, or at least an opinion going a little to the left of what society has implanted into your head,

    That's the end of it, and the rebuttal against what my essay says? Please, everyone freak out and yell the opposite at me, I love reaction...
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    Re: Necrophillia

    Grumble Grumble yawn... Grumble grumble

    And what are we talking about here??? You appear to be making multiple discussion topics here with only a limited connection between them...

    Not a well defined debate topic... Closing...
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    Re: Necrophillia

    Also, This isn't appropriate for AO. We have children on this board.

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