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Thread: No Television?

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    Question No Television?

    I was talking with a bunch of friends earlier and we had an interesting discussion--one that I'd like to share with you. We were just creating random topics and I asked them what I'm going to ask you:

    What if the world had no television?

    None. Like every TV on the planet was either broken or it just never exsisted to begin with. What do you think the world would be like without visual communication? Personally, I think that we'd all be listening to the radio a hell of a lot more than we do now. LOL.

    Also, what would that mean for other forms of technology? Television pretty much set the pace for everything else, in my opinion. What do you all think?

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    Re: No Television?

    I can agree with the idea that without TV, there would be no real standard for most of the visual tech out there......then again, there were projectors and shit before TV.....so there would be a chance that there would be computers and the net. It's just that that it'd probably look very different compared to those in this reality.

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    Re: No Television?

    If I can ask for clarification, are you asking what would the world be like if TV had never existed ever, or are you asking what if tomorrow every TV in the world disappeared?

    Well, if it had never been invented period, I think the projector would reign supreme. Film and motion pictures were around before television, and I doubt we'd let a little something like box with a screen keep us as a society from progressing into the modern age. Cuz to me, TV is just a natural progression of the projector that if you ask what if it never happened in some form period, the answer would be we'd be in a relative dark age.

    Now if all TVs were to stop working tomorrow, that'd be an interesting thing see. That would probably mean that the Internet would officially become our core medium for news, entertainment, etc. Radio and newspapers might make a comeback, and the television show industry might be in a bit of trouble. But all in all, I really don't think much would change, since the Internet's kinda dethroning television anyway.

    I think you ask a much deeper question when you threw in there:

    "What do you think the world would be like without visual communication?"

    see that I could never see happening and here is why. Apart from speech, human beings rely primarily on our eyes to comprehend everything around us. Is text on the screen or on a piece of paper not a visual representation that is meant to communicate a message? Traffic lights, art, anything that requires sight to be interpreted suddenly gone? Eyes would serve no purpose, and our entire means of communication and in turn everything about our society right now would change.

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    Re: No Television?

    I don't think I would be as witty, funny, pretty, or as smart as I am, if TV had never existed. Which I just pretended that I had gone back to history class, and how people were when there was no TV. I think TV has made the world much better. If you think about it a lot of girls want to be as pretty as those stars and models on TV. Which TV probably helped make-up sales a lot! Even the same with most products out there.

    I love how now in days we can watch TV on the internet, or on our mobile phones. I hate when people watch TV channels on their mobile phones and them claim that they shouldn't have been charged extra.

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    Re: No Television?

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Now I grew up in a world where only BLACK & WHITE TV existed. Where phone connections were a party line shared with the entire block. No video games, No Cell Phones, No Internet... (grumble grumble grumble) ... No imported Japanese cars, No artificial sweeteners... Where keyboards were attached to mechanical typewriters... You kids have it easy!!!

    In US culture, the three greatest technological innovations where the Telephone (allowing person to person long distance communications). The automobile, (allowing personal long distance travel beyond the normal 25 mile radius of the pre-industrial society.) And the Radio (allowing near real time news in information, some of which were outside government control) TV is simply a moving picture extension of radio...
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    Re: No Television?

    TV is simply a moving picture extension of radio...
    Meh, I don't think so.... I mean if you're speaking REAL literally, you are correct. But, that "moving picture extension" is a big deal. I certianly favor the significance of television over the automobile. But I doubt T.V's existence (or at least its distribution) without automobile assistance.

    Either way, I personally can't imagine having to retain information without visual.
    Maybe that is because my mind has adapted to NEEDING a visual aid. But, I think some people are just better able to absorb what they are learning... if they can see it.

    I don't think I would know half as much about current events, history, or... anything really, if it weren't for television\computer monitors, ect.

    Wow Len, you really did have it rough, did you have to use messenger pigeons as well? lol ^^ .... I bet it feels great knowing all this technology is at your fingertips.
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    Re: No Television?

    i agree with wat you and your friends discussed because due to the fact that if there were no tv then how would you watch the news to see if your school had a free day during the winter and how would you find out wat on the news because other than the tv the radio dosent give you as much of a brief discription of like the weather and the stuff thats important like the airborne viruses that are going around today and other stuff like newspapers are affected by no tv because theres no way to report it.
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    Re: No Television?

    i think i would like it because then every thing is a surprise and not all fonny and fake and really that is what my life is made up with latley but no tv could be a good effect on people

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