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Thread: No Television?

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    Re: No Television?

    or will it simply crash down one day, leaving us all behind in utter confusion?!
    Well, no TV. As aceman said it. You can't miss what you never had. Besides, I think I would be a better human if it wasn't for TV and internet.
    Seriously, I'm wasting too much time on it. If I used my time for something different like learning or playing guitar, I'd be awesome by now.
    So I guess a little break would not be bad. :P
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    Re: No Television?

    Quote Originally Posted by clover View Post
    More people would be healthier though, and obesity would most likley drop over fifty percent, if tv, comps and the such were either gone, or never existed.
    That would be the case if we were talking about transportation and such. Yeah, TV, computers and video games make up a small percentage of the weight problem. But, don't you think that people would be healthier if they decided to walk that six or seven blocks instead of take the bus or drive?

    There was a time in this country where the closest store was miles away and only 15-25% of the population owned a car. People walked everywhere! You can't blame television for the country's weight problem. TV isn't that important, nor is it that special.

    I will agree with you about TV and intelligence though. But that depends on what you're watching. If you spend all day watching MTV or BET, I can bet your IQ is goin' WAAY down. I blame pop-music culture. But if you spent all day watchin' Discovery or National Geographic, I'm sure your IQ will remain in tact. Though, I don't think it's gonna make you THAT much smarter.

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    Re: No Television?

    I definitely agree on that. MTV really, really is shit. I mean another thing that pisses me off about MTV is that they think they're so cool 'cause they aim it for the 13-21 age base. And they're stereotypical losers. I kind of hate that Ville Valo is on there a lot. =/
    Good singer, just don't like what he's promoting.
    And they have a bunch of skate based shows,thinking if they put that on all teens will watch it. I skate, does that mean I have to wear expensive ass Volcom wear? NO. I just skate.

    Anyway, TV sometimes makes me want to go outside, because after an hour of Rock of Love, or any other reality shitty show I feel fried.

    Basically the only TV I watch anymore is Adult Swim, Flapjack/Spongebob, I love the ___(70s, 80s, New Millenium), 1000 ways to die, Discovery, History and VH1 classic music videos.

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    Re: No Television?

    without tv then no of us would even know about anime. if tv never existed then i guess i wouldnt be so much a couch potatoe.
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    Re: No Television?

    that is true beyond a doubt, im not actually blaming tv by itself, Theres a number of reasons for obesity in the US. if you include kids under a certain age that depend on a parent, they are more likley to go by what their parent does. Many of the children are more likley to be sat down at the televison to watch tv so parents can either to keep an eye on them, or get time alone. Many also have tvs in their rooms so they can watch them anytime they want.
    Yes shows like mtv is beyond a doubt is stupid, and rots your brain, and parents do not really monitor what their children watch unless it comes to porn. but it also inculdes hundreds of commericals that are fast food based everyday that influence alot of people to go out and by those bad foods.

    theres alot of people and kids that are more likley to stay at home and watch tv rather than go outside, because its entertainment that they dont have to do much for and its right there. If they can get that bad food at home, and watching tv, not incouraged to go out and exercise, then yes overweight and obesity is more likley to happen. for the most part i think that if parents got more into getting their kids outside, away from the tv is where its important.

    ( not all parents are like this, but im going by whats in my area, where teenage mothers are rampat, and parents work alot, what i hear/see from them and my enviorment/friends)

    and i agree that to many people rely on transportaion than going out and walking to the place they want to visit or get something. There is however the doubt for alot of areas though that are crime ridden, and to dangerous to go somewhere on foot. Which is increasing by the day from the economy drop. many stores are based father away from many homes in areas, and they cannot get there so they need to do that, but if the stores only a short distance away then theres no reason for it, but their going to use transportion, because they think its easier

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    Re: No Television?

    Quote Originally Posted by clover View Post
    people got along without any of the tech we have now for millions of years. People can be creative and find something to entertain themselves with though, which is how most tech started. but since weve become accustomed to having it around i think most would go crazy without something like tv if it just died and never cam back.

    for the most part i dont watch tv all that much i find my iq goes down after watching it for so long. Id rather read or spend my time outside. More people would be healthier though, and obesity would most likley drop over fifty percent, if tv, comps and the such were either gone, or never existed.

    Your on the right trak my brod thinking friend! The first thing I want to do when nothings on and no games to play I work out and go out side. Something else will have me moving rather siting all day.

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post

    What if the world had no television?

    None. Like every TV on the planet was either broken or it just never exsisted to begin with. What do you think the world would be like without visual communication? Personally, I think that we'd all be listening to the radio a hell of a lot more than we do now. LOL.

    Also, what would that mean for other forms of technology? Television pretty much set the pace for everything else, in my opinion. What do you all think?

    When I hear "without visual communication" I think long term and all around.
    With all the technology that is and was put into your every day t.v. there would be alot more items that would be gone.
    The projector would be gone too because it to is a type of visual communication, as it was the start of T.V. so thats gone as well.
    Now for computers, they were made because we needed something to view what was prossing insted of light balbs.
    Cars woulden't be what they are today because computers helped in the fine tuning of gas flow, areodinamics and many other thing that run cars.
    microchips, robotics, space travel is a never ext.

    The list just gose on and on and it wont stop till were back in the late 1800's going yeha!.

    Its a chain of events that gose on longer than what has been thought.
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    Re: No Television?

    the only people i dont think could survive without tv would be those who need to pump one out every so often XD, but i dont know though if tech didnt exist wouldnt that mean AO would not exist i am not dependant on stuff like tech but its a luxury to life to own certain types of tech and seriously all the things that it does for us is damaging to mind and can be to body so id say that it might be better if we got rid of most tech altogether and i agree with clover about the mtv rotting out the mind you have a solid point i think that we should get rid of all useless channels of tv and make it to where the only things that are on is the news or anime XD, sorry but i know everyone loves anime

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    Re: No Television?

    i think without the visual aids of TV was would still see the rate of violence and crime go up with the youth because they would still get it from the radio or from some jerk
    next door who thinks everyone sucks , without TV the atom would have still been
    split to make the bomb.

    my point to this is that TV really hasn't changed much if anything because things
    like hate , violence , and bad entertainment through bars and strip clubs would still
    be around , there are some good things that have been happening and still would have
    happened if TV wasn't around like sports , traveling and making pin pals through the
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