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for naomi: Bush started this stupid war not because to let the iraqi women to vote, i mean, it took us about 150 years after our independence to let our women vote, and the iraq war is not to keep us free, THIER 3000 MILES AWAY FROM US and bush wanted the war is for OIL. honestly withdrawling the troops saves their lives, our income ( that we SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY SECOND!!, and it is truely commomn sense for a democart like me

thx for the thread!!!

p.s. obama is not the king, its call the seperation of powers, congress actually wages wars so i guess bush's party and him of course is respondsible. but bush is getting most of the crtisism is because he is in charge , he does not have all the powers of a king
"Amen, bruthah!" You are saying that the Fuhrer Bush lied, and people died, yes? I agree 100%! Had it not been for the Bu$hitler, there would be no mess for Obama to clean up now.

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I believe Dark said it best. It is IMPOSSIBLE (Please look up the definition of impossible) for there to be ANY one world order. Having one global Gov. is not going to change anything. It will be just a civil war that will never end no matter who is in charge.
Now you people think I am against Obama and believe I want him to fail, you people are wrong and I wish every one will stop saying that as I said before, I don't have any problem with him, just his policies. Now he says he will stay out of other nations affairs which I highly doubt that. Also too many people believe the war in Iraq is a mistake. I will admit we got into a war with Iraq based on bad Intel (We are only human for god sake) how ever the underlining reason for getting involved in the middle east was to kick terrorist ass for attacking the US. Remember kiddies, they started it, not us. Iraq is just a battle field now to fight terror while we help them get their Gov. reorganized. As I said before, I am not a big Obama supporter, but I do want him to lead our country right and do what is best for the nation as we all should regardless of if we like who ever it is in charge or not instead of condemning him/her. Obama is not a savior of any sorts, just a very charismatic figure who promises a lot.
Also Obama’s pacifistic stance toward conflict would very very very quickly be tossed aside when push comes to shove. He will not let us roll over and take it. Also, our military is no push over, people greatly underestimate our forces and our soldiers resolve.

But back to the topic at hand... No, it’s not going to happen and it will not salve anything.
Despite our ideological differences, I would like to applaud your forthrightness.