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Thread: Opinion? (homosexuality)

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    Re: Opinion? (homosexuality)

    I tend to get that question tossed at me a lot lately. Why? Well, about 75% of my friends are gay. My friend of 10 years just clearly came out to me a little while ago though I had my suspicions already. Majority of my female friends are genuinely bi or gay. They're not out to get attention, they're just attracted to both sexes or the same sex.

    For me personally, since you'd think "hey, if all her friends are gay.. wouldn't she kindve be also?" Well no. I actually have no interest in the same sex and my friends always ask me why. I have no quams with those who are gay in any way or form, far be it for I to tell them how to live their own lives.

    As for the "homosexual gene".. its really too hard to say. Its all still very much speculation. Most people tend just to be drawn one way or the other out of comfort. For myself personally, I'm drawn more towards men. If I actually think of "testing out unknown waters" I get repulsed. Its not because I am homophobic, its just something I personally would never do. *Laughs* I get hit on by a lot of my female friends, and it doesn't bug me. Sure, I'd be a little disturbed if they'd go any farther than words, but I'd react the same way if it were a man.
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    Re: Opinion? (homosexuality)

    Notice, the BSA says that homosexuals cannot be scoutmasters. Why is this? Because if gay scoutmasters were allowed, it would be putting the boys in the program in risk. Homosexuality is a sad, but because we feel sorry for them isn't enough of a reason to let them carry out those practices IMO.

    And I must disagree with those who say it's "normal" and "not a defect". I believe homosexual tendencies are a defect in DNA, and are quite abnormal. Now does this mean that those who have these tendencies chose to have an error in their DNA? Of course not, they aren't to blame for having those temptations. But I must say that if they carrying out homosexual practices, then yes, that is wrong. It was never meant for two men or two women to have sexual attraction to each other.

    If anyone is homosexual by tendency, but they are not carrying out any type of sex or attraction because they know it's wrong, then I admire those people very much! May God bless them, and may they have a fruitful life in other ways.

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    Re: Opinion? (homosexuality)

    oh common! its is a choice. A person will not become homosexual if she/he wanted to be plain male or female. its not about hormones or brain defects. it is clearly they choose to be one!

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