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Thread: Perfection

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    Lightbulb Perfection

    If everyone and everything was perfect then life would be boring. If you could do anything and everything perfectly first time then what would be the point in life.?

    Life is about challenges but if we can complete everything first time round with absolute perfection there would be no challenges in life. Then where would we be.?

    If everyone was perfect and the world was perfect then society would be a mess.
    Perfection would mean that everyone one could be a doctor or a lawyer, but we wouldn't need these professions if everyone was perfect because we would know to be safe - nobody would be hurt. Bye bye doctors.
    If nobody was being injured or dying in a hospital bed because we would not be committing crime then lawyer wouldn't be needed. Bye bye lawyers.
    I could go on with many more examples but i think you get the point. If everyone was perfect there would be no jobs, and we wouldn't be on here to meet new people because we would already have the friends we needed in our perfect world!

    This is my view of perfection. Whats yours.?

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    Re: Perfection

    My veiw of perfection is an unnattainable goal because human hearts wont let it be so and it would be an extreamly boring world. I view a perfect world as one without strife and where humans are all mindless drones that have no free thought. But on the plus side no one is dieing due to illness or war.

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    Re: Perfection

    I think people often misunderstand perfection in the way that people misunderstand infinity.

    Let's define perfection: it is a state of completeness that is absent AND incapable of flaw.

    So when people talk about the concept of a 'perfect world' they retort, 'wouldn't that be boring'? Now let's define boredom: a state caused by disinterest and lacking in ones life, right? boredom and perfection conflict with each other, but since perfection is incapable of flaw, boredom does not exist in a perfect world. We live in an imperfect world by definition, none of us exist in a perfect world, and if we did, we would be so radically different we probably wouldn't recognize ourselves.

    Just like human beings cannot fully comprehend the size of a number like infinity, so we cannot fully comprehend perfection. It is a concept we can only describe by what we know, and the only thing we know is that we have an imperfect world, which means we will never be able to achieve perfection. This fact has been known for years, hell, even the Bible admits it.

    Perfection is an intangible concept; we know what it means, and we think we know how it would be like, but we can never achieve and truly know it anymore than we can know the value of infinity, the end of pi, etc.

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    Re: Perfection

    I'm a perfectionist living in an imperfect world.

    I try to do everything "right", especially when it comes to my art. But nothing in this world is perfect and, as Dark said, perfection is an intangible concept, so I go crazy trying to obtain something that I'll never achieve.

    My point is that if everybody strives for perfection, we'll all go crazy at some point. My sketchpad could be full of awesome pieces right now but it's half-empty because of perfectionism getting in the way of progress. Some people's lives have the potential to be just as fulfilling as my sketchbook has the potential to be full of good artwork but perfectionism blocks their progress, so their lives are probably dull and miserable. Perfection is something that I've grown to learn will never be obtained by anyone. Do I still have the habit of wanting things to be perfect? Hell yeah! But, I do understand that they won't be. I can make things as good as I can for myself and others but never perfect and the same goes for everyone who's living and breathing on this planet.

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    Re: Perfection

    Perfection? Hmm. In my actions, I never care to try to be perfect. In my view it doesnt exist in any form other then maybe our own personal concept of it.

    Unconsciously alot of people throw the word perfect around. "I want to perfect boyfriend." or " I want the perfect day." I believe Flaw is absolute, as for perfection is simply a 100 percent status that nothing will achieve.

    Then as it stands Alot of us have our own type of perfection. (if that makes any sense.) I have this manga i love soo much! And think it's 'perfectly' written. I think it this. As for others may think differently then myself.

    I think perfection is a mere word. When each of us consulting areas we really like. Ex. Art, music, cooking, reading, writing. It might be another story.
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    Re: Perfection

    Perfection is a divine concept, and as people, we are decidedly undivine.

    so i think that perfection will come when Jesus comes back!

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    Re: Perfection

    i don't think it's posible to reach a perfect world, or even life.

    As huuniie wrote, a "perfect" world shoul be "perfect".
    no one should get hurted, no one should ever need help.
    And the worst , as i think, should been that all the creatures that we call humans
    I think it's the misstakes that makes ous human, it's the part of our hearts we don't know
    that makes ous humans. And more importmant, it's our ability to change when we meet other persons that makes ous humans.

    If we should be "perfect" we should need to change anymore. And we should be standing still on the same spot for the rest of the life. Cu'z if some one should take a
    step forrward, that person should have come longer than everyone els. And the equal world that should been "perfect" Should been broken. And the bad joke about a "perfect"
    should been nothing more than a forgotten history.
    Surender or fall, it's no other way to turn.

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