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Thread: The Point Of Violence

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    Re: The Point Of Violence

    Quote Originally Posted by Inuruto View Post
    All I am saying is people can let their situation & the life they live get the best of them... In which that affects others, no it is not a logic reason to some, but everyone is a bad decision from a life changing one & the affect of others can also contribute to that also... An abused person can become abusive & etc... Yea' we as people have to over come that & sum up the strength to get pass that, but who's to say that everyone has that power... If we automatically know right from wrong then why do we as people try so hard to define it.?. Parents, authority figures, mankind we as people in general... It does have to be taught, but if someone crosses the boundaries of it why wouldn't you think the person who was caught in the cross fire wouldn't cross it.?.

    That is why I made a thread of forgiveness... I am pretty sure the people who commit violence at some point of time forgiveness was lost for them or they feel mankind has gave up on them in which they gave up on themselves... And as for the survival point that is a state of mind in which people think they are justifying their means for surviving... Is it wrong.?. Yea, but why do you think people got to that state of mind.?. The choices we make doesn't necessarily define us as a person, but just our actions... Our beliefs are another reason to justify our actions that's why people try so hard to push their beliefs on others...

    A conscious decision can be lost even for a momentarily minute... That's why people try not to put themselves in inadequate position... Once you are put in one that's why you hear people saying they don't know what they will do... They tend to believe in what they think is right, but really don't know... That's why beliefs & right/wrong comes into play... You don't know ones' true self until you are put into ones' situation/life...
    U said it urself, people LET the situation and the life they live get the best of them. Jus' 'cause many people don' have a definition ta what's right or wrong, doesn' mean that they don' know the difference. How do u think mankind has come up wit the meanin' of right and wrong if, instinctively; on some level, they didn' know the difference? Yes, situation and circumstance can play a crucial role in a person's life, but does that mean we should give up on humanity in the face of adversity? We all have the strength ta overcome any obstacle, if we choose ta use that strength. However, I will agree wit u on one point, we r human and so thus prone ta mistakes and sometimes we get caught inna moment of weakness. All that I have stated before was in reference ta someone who has no remorse for what they've done, whatsoever, and refuses ta accept the blame for what they've done. That is pretty much what I've stated in ur "Forgiveness" thread, but as far as the majority of people out there who do perform violence, there is no remorse. It's these people who make it so tough for the people who really r remorseful, 'cause of those types of people; society has a tendency ta lump all inta the same catagory, ta create a simple answer for a very complex problem.

    And no one has the right ta push their beliefs unto another person, no matter the reason. That, in my mind, is no different than slavery. We should always respect a person's sovereign right ta free will. That's one reason why I feel that there is no point ta violence, not jus' 'cause someone is interferin' wit another person's life; but also their free will. NO MATTER WHAT, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TA, CONCIOUSLY, PERFORM VIOLENCE UPON ANOTHER PERSON'S BEING.

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    Re: The Point Of Violence

    today's way of life is meet hate with hate friendship
    with friendship its that simple that should give everyone
    a clue that violence has a point and that point is the
    person that creates the violence will receive violence
    in return , an example of this is that Gandhi guy he
    was a non violent person so he got no violence done to
    him at all yeah he was shot but it was politcal .

    but what im getting at is that if you want the violenceto stop
    start being friendly no matter what *kill them with kindness*
    as the quote goes but no one thinks of that right off
    they raise there hands in anger
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    Re: The Point Of Violence

    i may sound lyke a horrible person for saying this but violence can solve the majority of the problems that u have...........

    b4 every1 sends me hate pms let me explain..........i do not believe in using violence as an answer to your problems because it is the easy way of getting out of most situations........

    for example..........if some1 is annoying u and u hit them they will most likely stop annoying u.........this is the reason for the majority of the wars that we have..........

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    Re: The Point Of Violence

    Quote Originally Posted by Soshi Kitai View Post
    Violence is not the answer!

    Well, most times.

    There are times when you find people who are NEVER willing to listen to you and go into a form of denial, believing they are always correct. At least, on the topic at hand.
    There are times when you find people who are NEVER willing to change their ways and constantly disturb and harrass the general public for what THEY believe is right.

    As much as it only RIDS of the problem at hand, Violence answers these.

    However, MOST times, violence is never needed. However, most people wish it would resort to violence so that they can solve it quickly and easily without risking the idea that you're ultimately wrong.

    - - - -
    Because think of it this way: What if you were a wise man... or... er... woman... or dog...?
    And everything you knew was right, and everything you said was right. And everyone around you believed you for everything you said. But one day, a person with huge testosterone tries to defy you. At first, it's easy to dodge and defeat his questions and answers. But as you keep going, you realize he's learning more and more from you, trying to find out what makes you wrong... you keep going until he finally hits it... YOU'RE WRONG! You are able to buffer that idea with how you reason your way out. But you know this won't hold you for long, and all these people who once admired you, will begin to believe that you and everything you said was one big phony of an idea- JUST because you were wrong about one thing.
    Sadly, that is the truth, they WILL do that.

    So in this case, you wish violence would be a way to solve the answer. Afterall, if you can somehow distract the general media from the politics and move straight onto war, you have definitely won on your point no matter what. Afterall, with the man defeated, he's nothing more than just a dying dog giving his last barks and growls. A mad man.

    - - - -

    Now, I'm not saying that those who declare war are "wise men"... however, I am saying that on some of their minds, their mentality assumes them to believe THEY ARE in a way "wise".

    That's one of the hundreds of reason why people REALLY use violence for.

    A barbaric way of showing who's right by making sure the one who's challenging you will never even THINK of trying it again.

    It works, but it's not always the best way to solve things.

    Violence is usually stemmed from short-tempered "perfectionists" who most-of-the-time believe it's stupid for people to think they're wrong. They never listen to the people's reasons or even look upon their actions in another view, they just want to believe they're correct. (by the way, perfectionist has nothing to do with being prissy or having a neat and orderly house... it can even be a jock who's captain of the football team)

    But again... for those who NEVER listen... for those who NEVER want to listen...
    Violence is to either make sure they'll WANT to listen, or make sure they're never heard of again. (Afterall, most people need a leader... and if this fool becomes a leader, who knows what will happen)

    ... though, we can all tell that this does have amazing backfires.
    I, like many before me, believe this to be true. However, these situations are at a political stand-point and I believe that they wanted a more.. personal reason. Such as why school-kids resort to it. Ego. All kids want is to make a name for themselves and, like this quote stated, when they are defied they establish their dominance in the matter. I myself am to lazy and kind to get into a fight for such a reason. Infact, I'm almost a pacifist.

    Things that I will resort to violence for(in most cases)

    -The greater good
    In this case, I couldnt stand this one kid. Purposefully giving our greatest teacher a hard-time because he was just in general.. a prick.
    If someone wrongs me really bad.. I'll knock em out
    -Hurting Innocence (usually only woman cause ours dont defend themselves)
    This will put you on my black list. I'll go so far as to knock you unconscious, maybe even kill(accidentaly) for this offense.

    These are some of the ONLY reasons I fight.

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    Re: The Point Of Violence

    violence isnt the answer to anything its just were 2 or more people dont like each other and decide to solve it by battering the hell out of each over and who ever wins is the better person which isnt true

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    Re: The Point Of Violence

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