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Thread: politics who need 'em

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    politics who need 'em


    This story goes to show you just how pathetic political campaigning has become in 2006. Virginia Senator George Allen, Republican, is running for re-election. Now mud-slinging is nothing new in political's as old as the United States is. But it is increasingly becoming more and more ridiculous. Case in point, the latest accusation against George Allen.

    According to one of his former football teammates at the University of Virginia, Allen used the N word when he was in college. Allen denies it. says he didn't. The same teammate also says Allen also once stuffed a severed deer head into a black family's mailbox. Allen denies it.

    So just when did this alleged bout of insensitivity take place?

    Over 30 years the early 1970's.

    That's right, folks. A political campaign in 2006 is battling it out over what somebody said or didn't say over three decades ago. I don't know of anyone that can recite chapter and verse everything they said 30 years ago...much less 3 years ago. This is one of the biggest "who cares" moments of the 2006 mid-term election campaign.

    But back to what Allen is alleged to have said. The media and the Democrats are making a big deal out of this. Where was their outrage when the Grand Wizard himself, the Prince of Pork Robert Byrd from West Virginia, used the N word on TV back in 2001? If George Allen's alleged words of 30 years ago are an issue, what about Byrd's membership in the Klan?

    But ... I almost forgot. Byrd was and is a Democrat. Different standards.

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    That's a pretty shoddy poll. I'll just close that part.

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    i dont really know what the question to debate on is........the double standards between the democratic and republican parties?................

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    Grumble grumble grumble

    This isn't much of a debate issue, and it's too localized...

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