I agree with a lot of people in this discussion, it's all about mental maturity.

Every year a person's mind would change, gaining new views of things and learning a lot about life when you grow older.

It's like watching a "PG" rated movie.
You're just watching some old film you haven't seen in a long time, so you pop in the dvd or video then you realized some materials you never noticed when you were younger.

You then realized everybody grows into a new stage like you do all the time, every year.

When you're an adult you know what true love is like since you already experienced it and you definately know who you would want to be with forever thinking differently
than when you had those 15 year old HUGE crushes
thinking "OH MY GOD!! i love this boy!! i want to be with him forever!"
then like a week later you got a new boyfriend saying the same thing..X.x

for me i have a friend and she's an upcoming 11th grader...she told me recently she thought my friend, Cole (upcoming 7th grader), was 17,
so i told her he's going into 7th...but anyways she went straightforward
ignored the fact he's 7th and kissed him on the cheek
and said "Cole you have the most amazing eyes, they're really hot" @.@
and when he asked me if he's hair was ok, she just kinda pushed me aside a
lil and started pulling his hair back and plays with it X_X

but ANYWAYS my point is...dont hurry true love and age doesn't matter as long as you're safe and know you're with ^^;